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2012-03-30merge revision(s) 35013:naruse
2012-02-08merge revision(s) 34236: [Backport #5890]naruse
2011-11-29merge revision(s) 33198,33199:naruse
2011-11-29merge revision(s) 33158,33185,33186:naruse
2011-11-29merge revision(s) 33183,33185:naruse
2011-08-31* backport r33140 from trunkmarcandre
2011-08-24* backport r33060, 33061 from trunkmarcandre
2011-08-05* numeric.c (rb_infinity, rb_nan): use WORDS_BIGENDIAN to get endian.ngoto
2011-07-11* numeric.c (rb_num2ull): use FIX2LONG instead of FIX2ULONG. seeusa
2011-07-09* numeric.c (ULLONG_MAX): fallback definition.nobu
2011-07-07* numeric.c (rb_num2ull): use own switch sentense.naruse
2011-06-17* internal.h: declare internal functions here.akr
2011-06-11* numeric.c (rb_enc_uint_chr): fix message format. Bug#4869nobu
2011-06-03* include/ruby/missing.h, numeric.c (round): moved prototype of round()usa
2011-05-30* insns.def (opt_mult): as r31805, volatile it.naruse
2011-05-30* numeric.c (int_pow): make sure to assign the result of x * z.naruse
2011-05-29revert r31783.nobu
2011-05-29* numeric.c (flo_round): use absolute value as divisor.nobu
2011-05-29* numeric.c: add #include "interna.h" for rb_big_uminus() prototype.nagachika
2011-05-29* numeric.c (flo_round): fix for negative value.nobu
2011-05-15* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2011-05-13 * numeric.c (flo_coerce): fix a typo in documentation.nagachika
2011-05-13Add #flo_coerce documentation.shyouhei
2011-05-09* numeric.c (int_ord): remove K&R style.naruse
2011-04-14* numeric.c (ruby_float_step): wrong loop condition.usa
2011-03-22* numeric.c (flo_round): fix inaccurate results.nobu
2011-03-22* numeric.c (flo_round): use pow instead of while-loop. fixes #4510naruse
2010-12-01* numeric.c (Init_Numeric): fixed a potential bug when using bccwin32usa
2010-10-13* numeric.c (ruby_float_step): fix Numeric#step with infinity unitnaruse
2010-10-13* numeric.c (check_uint): get rid of overflow on LLP64 platforms.nobu
2010-10-13* numeric.c (int_chr): raise error when the value is negative.naruse
2010-10-13* numeric.c (rb_num_to_uint): fix 32bit logic.naruse
2010-10-13* numeric.c (rb_num_to_uint): added to check the range of arguments.naruse
2010-10-12* numeric.c (rb_num2fix): result of rb_num2long is SIGNED_VALUE.nobu
2010-10-12* numeric (check_uint): the mask must refer to VALUE.naruse
2010-10-12* numeric (check_uint): set MSB for negative value.naruse
2010-10-12* numeric.c (rb_enc_uint_chr): split from int_chr.naruse
2010-10-12* numeric.c (int_chr): a codepoint of Ruby M17N must be 32bitnaruse
2010-08-29Add links about floating point. [ruby-core:31849]naruse
2010-07-27* numeric.c (flo_cmp): typo.usa
2010-07-24* numeric.c (flo_cmp): honor the result of infinite? method of thenobu
2010-07-15* numeric.c (fix_divide): must not use rb_rational_new1 for coercionmame
2010-07-07Merge branch 'mybranch' of git:// into trunkshyouhei
2010-07-01* numeric.c (rb_num2long): accept LONG_MAX < x < LONG_MAX+1 andakr
2010-07-01* numeric.c (rb_num2ulong): fix the lower limit for float.akr
2010-06-04Clarification of what '*' matches. Patch by John Wells <john.wells at greatw...drbrain
2010-05-22* numeric.c (rb_num2ulong): explicit cast to suppress a warning.nobu
2010-05-21* marshal.c (w_float): use dtoa directly instead of strippingnobu
2010-05-19* numeric.c (rb_num2ulong): use rb_big2ulong for data fromnaruse
2010-05-17* array.c: Documentation: change => in call-seq to ->.marcandre