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2017-02-22numeric.c: Numeric#clone and #dupnobu
2017-02-02Use carry flag to reduce instructionsnaruse
2017-01-10numeric.c: short circuit optimizationnobu
2017-01-05numeric.c: short circuitnobu
2016-12-28numeric.c: reduce fdivnobu
2016-12-21numeric.c: remove not used linesyui-knk
2016-12-21[DOC] itemize values for half option of Float#round.akr
2016-12-21numeric.c: rdoc of half option [ci skip]nobu
2016-12-21numeric.c: allow nil as rounding mode optionnobu
2016-12-12get rid of a test failure with VC10.usa
2016-12-06numeric.c: fix exception message for nil roundingmrkn
2016-12-06remove unnecessary variablenobu
2016-11-22complex.c: optimize f_gt_p some casesmrkn
2016-11-21numeric.c: refine error messagenobu
2016-11-18complex.c: optimize f_negatemrkn
2016-11-18internal.h: round macrosnobu
2016-11-17numeric.c: get rid of a compile error on mingw64usa
2016-11-16complex.c: optimize Numeric#polar and Numeric#argmrkn
2016-11-13numeric.c: limit return valuenobu
2016-11-12rational.c: optimize Integer#lcmmrkn
2016-11-12rational.c: optimize Float#to_rmrkn
2016-11-12rational.c: optimize Rational#{floor,ceil,round,truncate}mrkn
2016-11-12rational.c: purge f_cmpmrkn
2016-11-12rational.c: optimize Rational#==mrkn
2016-11-12rational.c: optimize Rational#<=>mrkn
2016-11-11rational.c: optimize Rational#**mrkn
2016-11-11rational.c: avoid needless object allocation with nurat_to_doublemrkn
2016-11-11numeric.c, rational.c: refactor by using FIXNUM_NEGATIVE_P and FIXNUM_ZERO_Pmrkn
2016-11-10numeric.c, internal.h: export int_fdiv() as rb_int_fdiv()mrkn
2016-11-07 Introduce table improvement by Vladimir Makarov <>.ko1
2016-11-05numeric.c: raise TypeError at wrong argumentnobu
2016-11-05* numeric.c (rb_int_round): cast to SIGNED_VALUE to suppressshugo
2016-11-05numeric.c: round to nearest evennobu
2016-11-04numeric.c (rb_int_digits): Fix exception messagemrkn
2016-11-01numeric.c: bit op with non-integernobu
2016-11-01numeric.c: use rb_num_coerce_bitnobu
2016-11-01numeric.c: fix return value on big 0nobu
2016-11-01numeric.c: adjust indent [ci skip]nobu
2016-11-01numeric.c: fix typos [ci skip]nobu
2016-10-26[DOC] replace Fixnum with Integer [ci skip]nobu
2016-10-22numeric.c: fix up r55891nobu
2016-10-04* internal.h (ST2FIX): new macro to convert st_index_t to Fixnum.usa
2016-10-02numeric.c: adjust typenobu
2016-10-01* numeric.c (rb_fix2str): detect unnormalized Fixnum value.usa
2016-09-24fid typos [ci skip]nobu
2016-09-19deprecate Fixnum and Bignumnobu
2016-08-15numeric.c: round_to_nearestnobu
2016-08-13numeric.c: infinite recursionnobu
2016-07-17numeric.c, complex.c: Add finite? and infinite? consistent with Floatmrkn