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2014-10-17* Avoid undefined behaviors found by gcc -fsanitize=undefined.akr
2014-08-16node.h: extract NODE functions from gc.cnobu
2014-08-15* array.c (rb_ary_tmp_new): added.ko1
2014-06-06node.h: remove NODE_PRIVATE_RECVnobu
2014-06-06node.h: NODE_PRIVATE_RECVnobu
2013-11-04* node.h: catch up comments for last commit.ko1
2013-07-29parse.y, vm_eval.c: file encoding in evalnobu
2013-05-13* gc.c: support RGENGC. [ruby-trunk - Feature #8339]ko1
2013-04-05defines.h: RUBY_SYMBOL_EXPORT_{BEGIN,END}nobu
2012-12-24scoped constant op-assignmentnobu
2012-10-08* eval.c, gc.c, iseq.c, node.h, vm_insnhelper.c, vm_insnhelper.h,shugo
2012-09-28* insns.def (opt_checkenv): remove unused instruction `opt_checkenv'.ko1
2012-08-02* eval.c (rb_mod_using): new method Module#using. [experimental]shugo
2012-03-14* enumerator.c (lazy_take): add Enumerable::Lazy#take.shugo
2012-03-12* node.h (NEW_YIELD), parse.y (new_yield_gen): array-values flagsnobu
2012-01-07* gc.c: use Bitmap Marking algorithm to avoid copy-on-write ofnari
2011-12-27* node.h (rb_args_info): change pre_args_num and post_args_num asnobu
2011-12-26* node.h, node.c, parse.y: implement a parser part for keyword arguments. Thi...mame
2011-12-26* node.h, parse.y (new_args_gen), compile.c (iseq_set_arguments): use struct ...mame
2011-12-26* node.h, parse.y (lambda, f_larglist): remove NEW_LAMBDA hack. This is a pre...mame
2011-06-17* internal.h: declare internal functions here.akr
2011-01-20* node.h: parenthesize macro arguments.akr
2010-12-15* node.h (RNode): match the type of flags to RBasic, and renamednobu
2010-08-14* include/ruby/intern.h (rb_make_backtrace, rb_make_exception):nobu
2010-08-11* include/ruby/encoding.h (rb_char_to_option_kcode): used innobu
2010-08-11reverted revision r28961; which breaks test-allshyouhei
2010-08-11* node.h (rb_parser_{get,set}_yydebug): used in ripper.nobu
2010-03-25* bignum.c, node.h, strftime.c, enc/trans/utf8_mac.trans: added explicit cast...muraken
2009-12-03* compile.c (compile_cpath, iseq_compile_each): revertedshugo
2009-09-14* debug.c, parse.y: fixed types.nobu
2009-08-10* gc.c: reject unused longlife gc.nari
2009-07-16* node.h, vm_core.h, variable.c: rename global_entry to rb_global_entry.ko1
2009-07-15* method.h, vm_core.h: add rb_method_entry_t. Remove nodes aroundko1
2009-05-17* node.h (nd_line): NODE_LMASK is not needed.nobu
2009-05-13* gc.c: add longlife garbage collection. [ruby-dev:38423]nari
2009-04-16* node.h (rb_notimplement_body_p): declared.akr
2008-11-19* node.h (NOEX_MODFUNC): should be include NOEX_PRIVATE. matz
2008-09-23* include/ruby/node.h, node.h: move node.h from include path.ko1
2007-06-10* include/ruby: moved public headers.nobu
2007-04-19* eval.c, node.h, thread.c, yarvcore.[ch], eval_intern.h:ko1
2007-03-21* compile.c, parse.y, eval.c, intern.h, iseq.c, lex.c, node.h,ko1
2007-02-24* parse.y, node.h, compile.c: change node tree structure. a purposeko1
2007-02-23* parse.y, compile.c, gc.c, insns.def, intern.h, iseq.c, node.h,matz
2007-02-04* parse.y (rb_compose_ivar2): function to create a new ivar2matz
2006-12-31 * Merge YARVko1
2006-09-28* node.h (struct thread): declare win32_exception_list on cygwin andnobu
2006-09-23* eval.c (rb_thread_save_context, rb_thread_restore_context):why
2006-08-31* eval.c (ruby_init): rename top_cref to ruby_top_cref and export,why
2006-07-18* intern.h (st_foreach_safe): fix prototype.usa
2006-06-09* sprintf.c (rb_str_format): allow %c to print one charactermatz