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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-12Removed unreachable codenobu
2018-10-12Missing write-barriernobu
2018-09-16node.c: Typo fix. Patch by Shuichi Tamayose. [ci skip] [Fix GH-1880]marcandre
2018-08-22node.h (rb_ast_t): move its field mark_ary to node_buffer_tmame
2018-06-28Use nd_X shorthand for annotationnobu
2018-06-07node.c: Fix format of NODE_OP_ASGN1 and NODE_OP_ASGN2yui-knk
2018-05-10node.c: Fix format and example of NODE_OPCALLyui-knk
2018-05-10node.c: Fix typosyui-knk
2018-03-20node.c: predicates for special NODEsnobu
2018-01-17Fix typos.hsbt
2018-01-16node.c: Separately allocate a struct having flexible arraymame
2018-01-16nested flexible array member is a GCCismshyouhei
2018-01-16node.c: Stop double meaning of NODE_FOR by introducing NODE_FOR_MASGNmame
2018-01-13node.c (node_buffer_elem_t): Use FLEX_ARY_LENmame
2018-01-09Rename code_range to code_locationmame
2018-01-09parse.y: Remove special handling of tOROP and tANDOPmame
2018-01-08parse.y: Make consistent with the terms about code ranges and locationsmame
2018-01-08parse.y: Remove dispose_stringmame
2018-01-08node.c: show newline node marknobu
2018-01-07node.c: fix SEGV of `->(a:){}` when --dump=parsetreemame
2018-01-05node.c: factor out the part of operator output into F_OPERATORmame
2018-01-05node.c: remove unused macro F_OPTIONmame
2018-01-05node.c (NODE_OP_CDECL): fix a typo bug.mame
2018-01-05node.h: remove NODE_PRELUDEmame
2018-01-05node.h: define rb_ast_body_t and restructure rb_ast_tmame
2018-01-05node.c: constify NODE* arguments in node.cmame
2018-01-04node.h: add NODE_ONCE instead of reuse of NODE_SCOPEmame
2017-12-15node.c: show variable type for NODE_*ASGNmame
2017-12-15node.c (NODE_HASH): remove wrong default casemame
2017-12-15node.c: add more comment to NODE_CASE2mame
2017-12-15node.c: fix typosmame
2017-12-14node.[ch], parse.y, compile.c: rename nd_column to nd_first_columnmame
2017-12-05node.c: FIELD_BLOCKnobu
2017-12-05node.c: a simple notation for code range of NODEsmame
2017-11-16Refactoring out the direct accesses of NODE's u1, u2, and u3mame
2017-11-16make funcs static.ko1
2017-11-13Print last location of a nodeyui-knk
2017-11-13Store last location of a node on RNodeyui-knk
2017-11-10Make `rb_ast_dispose` use `RB_OBJ_WRITE`mame
2017-11-09node.c (dump_node): add an explanation of NODE_HASH's nd_alenmame
2017-11-04Introduce `rb_code_location_t`mame
2017-11-04Avoid usage of the magic number `(NODE*)-1`mame
2017-11-04Remove NODE-related pieces of code from GCmame
2017-11-03node.c: Add some commentsyui-knk
2017-11-03node.c: Fix possible alignment bugsyui-knk
2017-10-31Use NODE_CASE2 if case expressions don't existyui-knk
2017-10-30Store lineno on RNodeyui-knk
2017-10-29* node.h (ast_t): renamed to `rb_ast_t`.ko1
2017-10-27node.c: removed duplicate node_buffer_t definitionnobu
2017-10-27Revert "Revert "Manage AST NODEs out of GC""mame