path: root/mjit_worker.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-26merge revision(s) 66823,66869: [Backport #15548]naruse
2019-01-17merge revision(s) 66817: [Backport #15513]naruse
2019-01-17merge revision(s) 66811,66812,66816: [Backport #15522]naruse
2018-12-04Enable MJIT on AIXodaira
2018-12-03mjit.c: eliminate -save-temps flagk0kubun
2018-12-03mjit_worker.c: undefine CC_PATHk0kubun
2018-11-30vm_trace.c: workqueue as thread-safe version of postponed_jobnormal
2018-11-27mjit_worker.c: promote mjit_copy_job from functionk0kubun
2018-11-26Support targetting TracePoint [Feature #15289]ko1
2018-11-26mjit_worker.c: disable running copy jobk0kubun
2018-11-22mjit.c: avoid running copy job handler after ISeq GCk0kubun
2018-11-20mjit_worker.c: avoid GC when modifying ISeqk0kubun
2018-11-18mjit_worker.c: support MJIT in forked Ruby processk0kubun
2018-11-18mjit_worker.c: fix typo [ci skip]k0kubun
2018-11-07mjit_worker.c: stop expanding already-absolute MJIT_CCk0kubun
2018-11-06mjit_worker.c: don't use _one for nowk0kubun
2018-11-06mjit_worker.c: strictly control MJIT copy jobk0kubun
2018-11-02mjit_worker.c: do no access pointer after freek0kubun
2018-11-01mjit_worker.c: emphasize free_list of compact_units [ci skip]k0kubun
2018-10-31mjit: get rid of rb_mjit_unit_node and use ccan/listnormal
2018-10-31Revert "revert r65471 and include Eric's patch as well"k0kubun
2018-10-31revert r65471 and include Eric's patch as wellk0kubun
2018-10-31Revert "mjit: get rid of rb_mjit_unit_node and use ccan/list"normal
2018-10-31mjit: get rid of rb_mjit_unit_node and use ccan/listnormal
2018-10-30support theap for T_HASH. [Feature #14989]ko1
2018-10-23mjit_worker.c: don't ask MJIT copy job to main threadk0kubun
2018-10-23mjit.c: prevent from accessing expired jobk0kubun
2018-10-22mjit_worker.c: return more appropriate resultk0kubun
2018-10-22mjit_worker.c: check appropriate flag to stopk0kubun
2018-10-22mjit_worker.c: make sure copy job wait is unblockedk0kubun
2018-10-21mjit.c: copy call cache values to MJIT workerk0kubun
2018-10-21mjit.c: copy inline cache values to MJIT workerk0kubun
2018-10-20mjit_worker.c: don't refer to freed valuek0kubun
2018-10-20add disabling MJIT features option.ko1
2018-10-19mjit_worker.c: don't compile more than max_cache_sizek0kubun
2018-10-12mjit_worker.c: suppress child process's output properlyk0kubun
2018-10-11win32/Makefile.sub: generate MJIT header pdbk0kubun
2018-10-07mjit_worker.c: clean up all unnecessary files on mswink0kubun
2018-10-07mjit_worker.c: don't suppress cl.exe logsk0kubun
2018-10-07mjit_worker.c: print warning if FreeLibrary failsk0kubun
2018-10-07mjit_worker.c: clean up .obj file on mswink0kubun
2018-09-21Remove -Wno-parentheses flag.nobu
2018-09-11mjit_worker.c: atomically print main message and \nk0kubun
2018-08-18mjit_worker.c: revert r64322 and r64323k0kubun drop MJIT_DLDFLAGS_NOCOMPRESSk0kubun MJIT_DLDFLAGS_NOCOMPRESSk0kubun
2018-08-12mjit_worker.c: lazily delete so filek0kubun
2018-08-12mjit_worker.c: allow showing line numberk0kubun
2018-08-11mjit_worker.c: remove redundant cast for calloc/allocak0kubun
2018-08-11mjit_worker.c: handle calloc failurek0kubun