path: root/mjit_worker.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
30 hoursSuppress a format-overflow warningNobuyoshi Nakada
2 daysStop leaving .c files for JIT compaction in /tmp (#3802)Takashi Kokubun
2 daysClarify the intention of the include guardTakashi Kokubun
2 daysMake c_file / so_file construction consistentTakashi Kokubun
3 daysMake sure all threads are scanned on unload_unitsTakashi Kokubun
3 daysRemove the unused o_file definitionTakashi Kokubun
3 daysFix wrong #ifdef usages with #ifTakashi Kokubun
3 daysUnify some confusing macro usagesTakashi Kokubun
3 daysShrink the blocking region for compile_compact_jit_codeTakashi Kokubun
3 daysEliminate IVC sync between JIT and Ruby threads (#3799)Takashi Kokubun
2020-10-22Revert "Add assertions when inline caches are copied to MJIT"Aaron Patterson
2020-10-22Use a lock level for a less granular lock.Aaron Patterson
2020-09-30Suppress warningsKazuhiro NISHIYAMA
2020-09-19Add assertions when inline caches are copied to MJITAaron Patterson
2020-05-11sed -i s/RUBY3/RBIMPL/g卜部昌平
2020-05-09mjit_worker.c: compile_compact_jit_code is not used on mingwNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-05-04Revert 0776198486 for Solaris debugTakashi Kokubun
2020-05-03Test no .dSYM on macOSTakashi Kokubun
2020-05-03Split compile and link for MinGW supportTakashi Kokubun
2020-05-03Debug Solaris's MJIT failureTakashi Kokubun
2020-05-03Support cc_added_args againTakashi Kokubun
2020-05-03Avoid infinite times of JIT compactionTakashi Kokubun
2020-05-01Stop generating MJIT_PCH include guardTakashi Kokubun
2020-05-01c_file_access_mode should be defined for WindowsTakashi Kokubun
2020-05-01Deduplicate functions in compacted JIT codeTakashi Kokubun
2020-05-01Include unit id in a function name of an inlined methodTakashi Kokubun
2020-05-01Do not stop the world during JIT compactionTakashi Kokubun
2020-04-10mjit_worker: __GNUC__ is too lax卜部昌平
2020-03-17Get rid of bogus warning by VCNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-03-15Use a human-readable funcname with --jit-debugTakashi Kokubun
2020-03-15Revert "Use a human-readable funcname with --jit-debug"Takashi Kokubun
2020-03-15Use a human-readable funcname with --jit-debugTakashi Kokubun
2020-03-13Avoid referring to an old value of reallocTakashi Kokubun
2020-03-10Capture inlined iseq's cc entries in root iseq'sTakashi Kokubun
2020-03-04[win32] suppress false warning by MSVCNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-02-26Add missing free on cc_entriesTakashi Kokubun
2020-02-26Internalize rb_mjit_unit definition againTakashi Kokubun
2020-02-26Explain the situation of inner cc_entries [ci skip]Takashi Kokubun
2020-02-26Note a situation around xmalloc vs free in MJIT [ci skip]Takashi Kokubun
2020-02-25should be initialize jit_unit->cc_entries.Koichi Sasada
2020-02-25prevent GC from mjit worker.Koichi Sasada
2020-02-22Introduce disposable call-cache.Koichi Sasada
2019-12-01Allow specifying arbitrary MJIT flags by --jit-debugTakashi Kokubun
2019-10-14Eliminate the possibility to leave freed ISeqTakashi Kokubun
2019-10-13Delay the free until we stop referring to a unitTakashi Kokubun
2019-10-13Remove the quick stop path after convert_unit_to_funcTakashi Kokubun
2019-10-10mjit_worker.c: Add `-lm` to the C compiler in MJIT on AndroidYusuke Endoh
2019-09-26RubyVM::MJIT.pause(wait: true) should waitTakashi Kokubun
2019-08-30Split CC_LINKER_ARGS from CC_DLDFLAGS_ARGSTakashi Kokubun
2019-08-30Try dropping DLDFLAGS from compile_c_to_oTakashi Kokubun