path: root/missing.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2003-06-05* bcc32/Makefile.sub, win32/Makefile.sub, wince/Makefile.subusa
2003-06-05* math.c (math_erf,math_erfc): new function. [ruby-list:37753]matz
2003-03-20* missing.h: include <stdarg.h> or <varargs.h> if HAVE_VSNPRINTFmatz
2003-02-20* missing.h (strtoul): fix prototype of strtoul.eban
2002-12-15*, defines.h, dir.c, dir.h, dln.c, error.c,uema2
2002-12-02WinCE patch mergedmatz
2002-11-14* math.c (math_acos): check errno after operation. ditto formatz
2002-09-17move struct timeval to missing.hmichal
2002-05-14* eval.c (rb_clear_cache_by_class): new function.matz
2002-05-11* missing.h: add for missing/*.c.eban