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2014-05-03math.c: check domain of base argumentnobu
2014-05-03math.c: adjust prototype of math_lognobu
2014-02-15* internal.h: Rename macro names: RBIGNUM_FOO to BIGNUM_FOO.akr
2013-09-28math.c: fix for Bignum argumentnobu
2013-09-07bignum.c, math.c: RB_BIGNUM_TYPE_Pnobu
2013-09-07bignum.c, math.c: type predicatesnobu
2013-09-07* math.c (math_log): Test the sign for bignums.akr
2013-09-07* math.c (math_log): Support bignums bigger than 2**1024.akr
2013-06-07* internal.h (numberof): Gathered from various files.akr
2013-06-02math.c: ASCII minusnobu
2013-05-20* math.c: improve and fix documentation of sin, tan and logeregon
2013-05-19* math.c: RDoc formatting of Math core docs with domains and codomainszzak
2012-11-21 * include/ruby/util.h: removed extra semicolon in definition oftadf
2011-10-24* complex.c: use "__sun" instead of "__sun__" to detect SunOS.akr
2011-09-29* use RB_TYPE_P which is optimized for constant types, instead ofnobu
2011-08-05* complex.c (f_signbit): fix compile error in gcc4 on Solaris withngoto
2011-07-31Forward-ports r32777 from branches/ruby_1_9_3 to trunk.yugui
2011-06-29 * math.c: Attach documentation for Math.drbrain
2011-06-17* internal.h: declare internal functions here.akr
2010-08-27* math.c (math_atan2): you should know that M_PI is not the featureusa
2010-08-27* math.c (math_atan2): change the behavior when x and y are zero.mrkn
2010-05-17* array.c: Documentation: change => in call-seq to ->.marcandre
2010-05-08* error.c: RDoc for subclasses of Exception. [ruby-core:28394]marcandre
2010-04-30* math.c: Math::DomainError < StandardException [ruby-core:29855]marcandre
2010-02-28* math.c (rb_eMathDomainError): new exception class for representing mathemat...muraken
2010-02-18* math.c (math_atanh): raise ERANGE without calling atanh if absolutemame
2010-02-06* math.c (math_lgamma): initialize sign becauseakr
2010-01-25* math.c (domain_check): ignore errno if y is inf.naruse
2010-01-17* math.c (domain_check): check errno first.nobu
2009-12-27rdoc update.akr
2009-11-18* math.c (math_gamma): fix incorrect comparison expression.takano32
2009-11-17rdoc update.akr
2009-10-10* math.c (math_atanh): reverted r25279.yugui
2009-10-10* math.c (math_atanh): Fix bug for Math.atanh(+/-1). It now returns +-Infinit...marcandre
2009-09-05update comment.akr
2009-09-02* math.c (math_gamma): get rid of direct comparison between toonobu
2009-09-02* math.c (domain_check): simplified.nobu
2009-09-02* math.c (math_gamma): constified fact_table.nobu
2009-05-13rdoc update.akr
2009-05-06update rdoc.akr
2009-05-06* math.c (math_gamma): use a table for positive small integers.akr
2009-02-23* math.c (Need_Float): call rb_to_float() only when it is reallymatz
2009-02-22stripped trailing spaces.nobu
2009-01-28* math.c: SEGV is caused by implicit rb_to_float declarationtakano32
2008-12-31* object.c (rb_to_float): replaced by to_flo definition frommatz
2008-12-10* math.c (domain_check): should not raise EDOM exception for NaNmatz
2008-10-28inserted a newline.tadf
2008-10-28 * math.c (rb_math_{atan2,cos,cosh,hypot,log,sin,sinh,sqrt}): added.tadf
2008-09-21 * math.c (math_log): should check argc.tadf
2008-09-05* include/ruby/ruby.h (DBL2NUM): renamed from DOUBLE2NUM.matz