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2013-06-12* safe.c (rb_set_safe_level, safe_setter): raise an ArgumentErrorshugo
2013-06-11* internal.h (INTEGER_PACK_NEGATIVE): Defined.akr
2013-06-08* marshal.c (r_object0): Use rb_integer_unpack.akr
2013-06-04* marshal.c (r_object0): Generalize a round up expression.akr
2013-06-02fill rdocsnobu
2013-05-26* hash.c, include/ruby/ruby.h: support WB protected hash.ko1
2013-05-13* gc.c: support RGENGC. [ruby-trunk - Feature #8339]ko1
2013-05-13* include/ruby/ruby.h: constify RBasic::klass and addko1
2013-05-13* *.c, parse.y, insns.def: use RARRAY_AREF/ASET macroko1
2013-05-02marshal.c: no overwriting ivarsnobu
2013-04-22marshal.c: fix marshal_load ivarnobu
2013-04-20marshal.c: use ivars of marshal_dump datanobu
2013-04-19marshal.c: no duplicated encodingnobu
2013-03-21* marshal.c (marshal_dump, marshal_load): workaround for segv onngoto
2013-03-09marshal.c: check for prependednobu
2013-03-08marshal.c: prepended objectsnobu
2013-02-01* marshal.c: add security considerations to marshal overview, refer tocharliesome
2013-02-01marshal.c: prohibit_ivarnobu
2013-01-31marshal.c: warn against using Marshal.load on untrusted datacharliesome
2013-01-26marshal.c: marshal_dump instance varialbesnobu
2013-01-20marshal.c: get back to the old behaviornobu
2012-12-23marshal.c: rb_check_funcall_with_hooknobu
2012-12-23marshal.c: use RB_TYPE_Pnobu
2012-12-19* marshal.c (marshal_dump, marshal_load): fix SEGV during make rdocngoto
2012-12-13* marshal.c (r_entry0): don't taint classes and modules becauseshugo
2012-12-04marshal.c: PRIsVALUEnobu
2012-12-04marshal.c: rb_check_funcallnobu
2012-12-04marshal.c: GC guardnobu
2012-12-01marshal.c: private methodsnobu
2012-11-20* marshal.c: add marshal readahead. marshalized Array, Hash and Structglass
2012-11-16* marshal.c (w_object): add flonum to arg->data to keep reference indexnagachika
2012-10-20* include/ruby/ruby.h: add C APIs.nari
2012-08-23* include/ruby/ruby.h: introduce flonum technique forko1
2012-06-22marshal.c: io_needednobu
2012-06-04compatible loadernobu
2012-06-03adjust indentnobu
2012-06-03remove old warningnobu
2012-06-03 * marshal.c: experimental test aborted.tadf
2012-06-03 * marshal.c: calls directly rb_{Complex,Rational}_marshal_load().tadf
2012-06-03use rb_marshal_{dump,load}nobu
2012-06-03now marshal_{load|dump} are external.tadf
2012-05-23use RB_TYPE_P() instead of comparison of TYPE()nobu
2012-04-15* reduce UNREACHABLE.nobu
2012-04-13* encoding.c (rb_enc_codepoint_len): Use UNREACHABLE to avoid "controldrbrain
2012-03-30* hash.c, marshal.c, object.c, variable.c: fix callback argument typesnobu
2012-03-28* marshal.c (r_symreal): default to ASCII-8BIT for non-ascii symbols,nobu
2012-03-28* marshal.c (r_symreal): no longer need volatile modifier, as usingnobu
2011-09-29* use RB_TYPE_P which is optimized for constant types, instead ofnobu
2011-08-05 * marshal.c (w_object): Fix exception message when _dump_data is notdrbrain
2011-06-17* internal.h: declare internal functions here.akr