path: root/load.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-12-03load.c: reset errinfonobu
2014-12-03encoding.c: load by rb_require_internalnobu
2014-12-03load.c: defer static linked initnobu
2014-12-03load.c: tweak the return valuenobu
2014-12-03dmyenc.c: try to load encdbnobu
2014-11-15* internal.h: Include ruby.h and ruby/encoding.h to beakr
2014-10-29load.c: transcode pathnobu
2014-09-30protoize no-arguments functionsnobu
2014-07-09* parse.y: change Symbol <-> ID relationship to avoidko1
2014-03-26* parse.y: support Symbol GC. [ruby-trunk Feature #9634]nari
2014-03-02load.c (ruby_init_ext): make idempotent to suppress warningsnormal
2014-02-14load.c: call initnobu
2013-12-03* load.c (features_index_add_single): Move loaded_features_index array values...tmm1
2013-11-03load.c: defer initalization of static-linked-extnobu
2013-11-01load.c: suppress warningnobu
2013-11-01load.c: use local variablenobu
2013-10-28load.c: share feature namesnobu
2013-10-08load.c: display backtrace to $stderrnobu
2013-07-26load.c: search in OS path encodingnobu
2013-06-22load.c: suppress warningnobu
2013-06-12* safe.c (rb_set_safe_level, safe_setter): raise an ArgumentErrorshugo
2013-06-07* internal.h (numberof): Gathered from various files.akr
2013-05-23load.c: fix invalid readnobu
2013-05-13* *.c, parse.y, insns.def: use RARRAY_AREF/ASET macroko1
2013-04-05* load.c (features_index_add): use rb_str_subseq() to specify C stringshirosaki
2013-03-24load.c: no longer used variable and objectnobu
2013-03-22load.c: loaded_features_index st_tablenobu
2013-03-09fix commit missnobu
2013-03-09load.c: hide internal objectsnobu
2013-03-08load.c: move loop invariant conditionnobu
2013-03-08load.c: reduce indexes arraysnobu
2013-03-08load.c: reorder conditionsnobu
2013-01-10* probes.d: updating probes to be more symmetrical, addingtenderlove
2013-01-09* load.c (load_lock): if thread shield is destroyed and there is noglass
2013-01-09* load.c (load_lock): revert r38744. it should acquire new threadglass
2013-01-09* load.c (load_lock): fix not to delete thread shield
2012-12-25error.c: rb_write_error_strnobu
2012-12-18* vm.c (rb_vm_jump_tag_but_local_jump): remove unnessesary 2ndnagachika
2012-12-01adjust style.nobu
2012-11-12* probes.d: add DTrace probe declarations. [ruby-core:27448]tenderlove
2012-11-06Fix typos in commentsshirosaki
2012-11-05Fix compatibility of cached expanded load pathshirosaki
2012-11-05Cache the expanded load pathshirosaki
2012-11-05Index $LOADED_FEATURES so that require isn't so slowshirosaki
2012-11-05Expose whether two arrays are sharedshirosaki
2012-11-05Clarify and explain loaded_feature_path and rb_feature_pshirosaki
2012-10-29load.c: adjust stylenobu
2012-08-24Improve require/File.expand_path performance on Windowsluislavena
2012-08-23load.c: keep encoding of feature namenobu