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2011-08-23* backport r33027 from trunk.drbrain
2011-07-10* load.c (rb_f_autoload): prevent to autoload for singletonmrkn
2011-06-18* eval.c, hash.c, load.c, proc.c, range.c, thread.c, time.c: don'takr
2011-06-17* internal.h: declare internal functions here.akr
2011-05-31 * load.c (loaded_feature_path): cut nonsence loop execution to fixtarui
2011-05-22* include/ruby/defines.h (CASEFOLD_FILESYSTEM): Revert r30508. See #4255.nahi
2011-02-05* load.c (rb_get_expanded_load_path): always expand load paths.nobu
2011-01-10* include/ruby/defines.h (CASEFOLD_FILESYSTEM): HFS+ is casenobu
2010-12-25* load.c (rb_f_require_relative): don't omit return type.nobu
2010-12-25Document require_relativedrbrain
2010-12-18* load.c: parenthesize macro arguments.akr
2010-09-04* load.c (ruby_init_ext): export for golfers.nobu
2010-08-29* load.c (rb_provide_feature): clarify error message for frozennobu
2010-08-29* load.c (load_failed): should honor encoding. [ruby-core:31915]nobu
2010-06-18* ruby.c: add prototype of rb_realpath_internal.naruse
2010-06-17* load.c (rb_load_internal): remove call to rb_realpath_internalmame
2010-06-03* load.c (ruby_init_ext): statically linked extensions have nonobu
2010-05-30* load.c (load_failed): use more accurate error message.mame
2010-05-17* hash.c: Documentation: change => in call-seq to ->.marcandre
2010-05-17* array.c: Documentation: change => in call-seq to ->.marcandre
2010-03-30* file.c (rb_file_dirname): split from rb_file_s_dirname.nobu
2010-03-16* compile.c, iseq.c, ruby.c, vm.c, vm_core.h, vm_eval.c: add absolutemame
2010-03-13* load.c (rb_get_expanded_load_path): expand paths if any item in $:shugo
2010-03-13* load.c (rb_get_expanded_load_path): does not expand paths if allshugo
2010-02-24* dln.c (translit_separator): moved back from load.c again.nobu
2009-09-23* load.c (Kernel#autoload?, Module#autoload?): added doc [ruby-core:19983]marcandre
2009-09-09* load.c (rb_feature_provided): fixed for autoloading extensionnobu
2009-08-18* load.c (rb_feature_provided): suppressed warnings.nobu
2009-07-18* suppressed shorten-64-to-32 warnings.nobu
2009-06-23* file.c (rb_find_file_ext, rb_find_file): no needs to expandnobu
2009-06-21* load.c (Init_load): $: must be readonly. [ruby-dev:38690]mame
2009-06-17* load.c (rb_f_require): RDoc updated. a patch from Run Paint Runmatz
2009-06-13* load.c (load_lock): show backtrace at circular require.nobu
2009-06-13* load.c (rb_provide): assumes us-ascii only.nobu
2009-06-13* load.c (rb_require_safe): FilePathValue() implies rb_str_new4().nobu
2009-06-13* load.c (rb_mod_autoload): try conversion to path like asnobu
2009-02-22stripped trailing spaces.nobu
2009-02-19* eval_intern.h (translit_char): moved from ruby.c.nobu
2009-02-03* load.c (load_lock): warn for circular require. [ruby-core:20794],nobu
2009-01-31* load.c (rb_require_safe): raises when the path to be loaded isnobu
2009-01-29* load.c (rb_feature_provided): should not calculate len by pointershugo
2009-01-19* vm.c: add a prefix "rb_" to exposed functionsko1
2008-12-16 * ruby.c (set_arg0): use strlcpy() instead of strncpy().usa
2008-12-12* load.c (rb_feature_p): load path must be expanded.nobu
2008-12-04* load.c (rb_get_load_path): returns the load path withoutnobu
2008-11-11* load.c (rb_require_safe): destroys barrier after successfullynobu
2008-09-23* include/ruby/node.h, vm_core.h: move definition ofko1
2008-09-23* clean upko1
2008-09-15* gc.c, include/ruby/ruby.h: rename rb_register_mark_object()ko1
2008-08-16* include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_intern_const): tiny optimization.nobu