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2019-01-29merge revision(s) 66909: [Backport #15555]naruse
2019-01-26merge revision(s) 66922: [Backport #15521]naruse
2019-01-15merge revision(s) 66735: [Backport #15506]naruse
2019-01-12merge revision(s) 66582: [Backport #15468][Backport #15472]naruse
2018-12-25merge revision(s) 66536:naruse
2018-12-23Merge RDoc 6.1.0 from upstreamaycabta
2018-12-23Import CSV 3.0.2kou
2018-12-23Merge RubyGems 3.0.1 from rubygems/rubygems.hsbt
2018-12-22ostruct.rb: Accept block for to_h [#15451].marcandre
2018-12-20rexml: upgrade to 3.1.8kou
2018-12-19webrick: add the ability to override res, req creationnormal
2018-12-19Merge RubyGems 3.0.0 from upstream.hsbt
2018-12-19Update metadata of Bundler 1.17.2hsbt
2018-12-18Bump version to 1.0.0.hsbt
2018-12-18Import ipaddr 1.2.2knu
2018-12-16Enhance Tempfile docs [ci skip]nobu
2018-12-14Move autoload to toplevelnaruse
2018-12-14fix r66163naruse
2018-12-14No document of Tempfile::Remover [ci skip]nobu
2018-12-12Bump version to 1.3.0 same as the latest version of
2018-12-12Bump library version same as released version of rubygems.orghsbt
2018-12-12open3.rb don't use keyword splat (**).akr
2018-12-12Disable tailcall optimization [Bug #15303]nobu
2018-12-12Merge rubygems@21f12a8 from upstream.hsbt
2018-12-11Merge Bundler 1.17.2 from upstream.hsbt
2018-12-11Downgrade Bundler 1.17.x from 2.0.0.hsbt
2018-12-11ReFix r663197nobu
2018-12-11Fix r663197nobu
2018-12-10Preserve HTTP header key as string [Bug #15394]naruse
2018-12-10Net::ReadTimeout and Net::WriteTimeout should tell the cause socketusa
2018-12-08Merge RDoc 6.1.0.beta3 from upstreamaycabta
2018-12-05lib/monitor.rb: prevent to initialize MonitorMixin twicekazu
2018-12-05update to Unicode 11.0.0 (main step, not complete yet)duerst
2018-12-04Merge 2-0-stable branch from bundler/bundler.hsbt
2018-12-04Use delete_prefix instead of `sub(/\Afixed-pattern/, '')`kazu
2018-12-04Merge rubygems master@221bdeahsbt
2018-12-03Fixed test fails against OpenSSL 1.1.1.hsbt
2018-12-03drb: fix tests on Debian sid/unstable with OpenSSL 1.1.1anormal
2018-12-03webrick: fix tests on Debian sid/unstable with OpenSSL 1.1.1anormal
2018-12-03Remove `(nanosecond)` too [ci skip]kazu
2018-12-03time.rb: remove the unsupported formatting options from the document [ci skip]okkez
2018-12-03lib/pp.rb (Range#pretty_print): support endless rangemame
2018-12-03Refine RubyVM::AbstractSyntaxTree::Node#typenobu
2018-12-03Add RubyVM::AST#pretty_printnobu
2018-12-02optarse.rb: mention multiple descriptions [ci skip]nobu
2018-12-01Merge rubygems-3.0.0.beta3.hsbt
2018-11-29Remove unused variable in example code [ci skip]kazu
2018-11-29time.rb: Move documents and stop othersnobu