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2018-11-02lib/matrix: Use consistent stylemarcandre
2018-11-02lib/matrix: use consistent stylemarcandre
2018-11-02lib/matrix.rb: Alias antisymmetric? with skew_symmetric?marcandre
2018-11-02Revert "Matrix: Add #reflexive? method. [Fix GH-1730]"marcandre
2018-10-31Merge upstream from rubygems/rubygems master branch.hsbt
2018-10-29Mark up code inside link text as <code>nobu
2018-10-28rdoc/parser/c.rb: ignore dynamically added methodsnobu
2018-10-26Do not :stopdoc: entire classes/modulesnobu
2018-10-22Merge rubygems master branch from
2018-10-21lib/net/http.rb: [DOC] fix typosstomar
2018-10-21lib/mutex_m.rb: fix example code in documentationstomar
2018-10-21Add missing info for Mutex_m to the doc [Bug #13598]aycabta
2018-10-20Revert "Revert "Reset primary_server when remove_server"" [ci skip]kazu
2018-10-20Allow to stop by push(nil) for testkazu
2018-10-20Revert "Reset primary_server when remove_server"kazu
2018-10-20Add negotiated SSL protocol and cipher to Net::HTTP debug outputnaruse
2018-10-20Improve doc of multipart/form-data [Bug #15019]aycabta
2018-10-20Merge irb from github repository.hsbt
2018-10-20Reset primary_server when remove_serverkazu
2018-10-20Merge fileutils from ruby/fileutils on GitHub.hsbt
2018-10-20Support keyword arguments with Pysch.safe_load provided by after Psych 3.1.0....hsbt
2018-10-17Merge rdoc-6.1.0.beta2aycabta
2018-10-16revert r65091, r65090 because ci failsduerst
2018-10-16update to Unicode 11.0.0 (basic step, not complete yet)duerst
2018-10-12default gems: add missing comment in gemspecstomar
2018-10-09Time.parse based from non-Time objectnobu
2018-10-03fileutils.rb: restore documentation for FileUtilsstomar
2018-09-24Check whether to skip every framenobu
2018-09-24Kernel#warn accepts multiple messagesnobu
2018-09-24webrick: raise EOFError in parse when read line is nilnormal
2018-09-24revert r64817: kernel_warn.rb: skip kernel_require.rbnobu
2018-09-24kernel_warn.rb: skip kernel_require.rbnobu
2018-09-20Matrix: Add #reflexive? method. [Fix GH-1730]marcandre
2018-09-19net/http: Improve net/http header error message.marcandre
2018-09-18Merge upstream revision of rubygems/rubygems.hsbt
2018-09-16lib/matrix: Fix potential bug of Vector#angle_withmarcandre
2018-09-15Work on Benchmark::Tms documentation [ci skip]nobu
2018-09-06Extracted file list for csv.gemspec.hsbt
2018-09-05* append newline at EOF.svn
2018-09-05Merge csv-3.0.0 from ruby/csv repository.hsbt
2018-09-04RubyGems installer.rb - fix up my mistakes in r64582nobu
2018-09-03Use unpack1 instead of unpack and `[0]`kazu
2018-09-01[DOC] Add %Q and %+ to strptime [ci skip]kazu
2018-08-28Fixed test failures in mswin environment at r64555.hsbt
2018-08-27* remove trailing spaces.svn
2018-08-27Merge master branch from rubygems upstream.hsbt
2018-08-27Merge rdoc-6.1.0.beta1.hsbt
2018-08-25drb: close graceful shutdown pipe before socketnormal
2018-08-25drb: simplify shutdown pipe close logicnormal
2018-08-20Update link to Email address specificationkazu