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2008-05-20* lib/webrick/httpservlet/filehandler.rb: should normalize pathgotoyuzo
2008-03-03merge revision(s) 15677:shyouhei
2007-11-04 Fixes a bug in the pretty printer related to an incomplete refactoring.ser
2007-10-03Sorry SER, reverting r13600, which brakes make test-all''shyouhei
2007-10-02* Fixes a bug in the pretty printer related to an incomplete refactoring.ser
2007-09-24 * lib/net/http.rb: an SSL verification (the server hostname shouldshyouhei
2007-09-22 * lib/rdoc/options.rb (Options::check_diagram): dot -V outputshyouhei
2007-08-22 * lib/rinda/tuplespace.rb: fix Rinda::TupleSpace keeper thread bug.shyouhei
2007-08-22 * lib/rexml/encodings/{ISO-8859-15,CP-1252}.rb: fixed invalid syntax.shyouhei
2007-08-22git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c...shyouhei
2007-08-22 * lib/mkmf.rb (create_makefile): make OBJS depend on RUBY_EXTCONF_Hshyouhei
2007-08-22 * lib/mkmf.rb (init_mkmf): should remove mkmf.log too.shyouhei
2007-08-22 * lib/base64.rb (Base64::b64encode): should not specify /o optionshyouhei
2007-08-22 * lib/mkmf.rb (link_command, cc_command, cpp_command): do not expandshyouhei
2007-08-21 * lib/rdoc/parsers/parse_c.rb (RDoc::C_Parser): handle moreshyouhei
2007-08-21 * lib/net/imap.rb (ResponseParser#next_token): fixedshyouhei
2007-07-28Fixes a bug in the pretty printer related to an incomplete refactoring.ser
2007-07-28 r1278@bean: ser | 2007-06-07 00:53:06 -0400ser
2007-05-22* lib/cgi.rb (CGI#[]): get rid of exceptions being raised.shyouhei
2007-05-22merge -r 12332:12336shyouhei
2007-05-22merge -c 12206shyouhei
2007-05-22merge -c 12193shyouhei
2007-05-22merge -c 12158shyouhei
2007-03-12* lib/cgi.rb (CGI::header): IIS >= 5.0 does not need the nphknu
2007-03-06Merge changes from ruby_1_8:knu
2007-03-04merge a cosmetic changeknu
2007-03-04* lib/fileutils.rb (mv): could not move a directory betweenknu
2007-03-04* file.c (rb_file_s_utime): allow nil to set the current time.knu
2007-03-03* lib/set.rb (Set#^, Set#&): Correct documentation. Those methodsknu
2007-02-28Merge changes between r11913 and r11943 from ruby_1_8.knu
2007-02-27Merge changes between r11871 and r11907 from ruby_1_8.knu
2007-02-24* lib/date/format.rb: updated based on date2 4.0.3.knu
2007-02-23* lib/xmlrpc/client.rb (XMLRPC::Client::do_rpc): Make theknu
2007-02-20Merge trivial changes to reduce diffs from ruby_1_8.knu
2007-02-17* lib/.document: Apply patch for irb, e2mmap and README by Hugh Sasseknu
2007-02-15* lib/uri/ftp.rb: Revert the previous change pending discussion.knu
2007-02-15* lib/uri/generic.rb (URI::Generic::userinfo): Considering howknu
2007-02-15* lib/uri/generic.rb (URI::Generic::userinfo): should supportknu
2007-02-15* lib/cgi.rb (CGI::unescapeHTML): invalid decoding for singleknu
2007-02-10* lib/cgi.rb (CGI::QueryExtension::read_multipart): Properly parseknu
2007-02-10*, ext/thread/extconf.rb, lib/thread.rb: Add aknu
2007-02-10* lib/thread.rb: Remove an ineffective part of the code.knu
2007-02-09Back out the previous commit which was unintended.knu
2007-02-09* ext/bigdecimal: Synchronize with trunk. Better functionknu
2007-01-23* lib/cgi.rb (CGI::QueryExtension::read_multipart): use == insteadmatz
2007-01-07Merge RDoc updates from matzruby 11502, 11503, 11504drbrain
2007-01-07updated based on date2 4.0.1.tadf
2007-01-03Revert r11453matz
2007-01-03* io.c (ruby_dup): start GC on ENOMEM as well.matz
2006-12-31Merge 11443, 11444 and 11445 from trunk.drbrain