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2009-07-04merge revision(s) 23032:shyouhei
2006-08-04Merge RDoc changes from HEAD.drbrain
2005-02-17 * lib/test/unit/collector.rb (collect_file): now deletes paths addedntalbott
2004-12-19* lib/test/unit.rb: use standalone runner for -e.nobu
2004-05-16 * lib/text/unit.rb: Removed :nodoc: directive (it prevented effectivegsinclair
2004-03-04Move RDoc comments for Test::Unitdave
2004-02-01 * lib/test/unit.rb: rearranged documentation for RDoc's sake.gsinclair
2004-01-05Add RDoc to build. Add --ri-system to RDocdave
2003-12-02* bin/testrb: new test runner. [ruby-core:01845]nobu
2003-11-18 * lib/test/unit.rb: do not run tests if $! is set.ntalbott
2003-10-08 * lib/test/unit.rb: removed installation instructions.ntalbott
2003-10-03 * lib/test/unit.rb: refactored to use optparse.ntalbott
2003-09-19 * test/testunit/*: Added.ntalbott
2003-08-01* class.c (rb_obj_singleton_methods): should not go up tomatz
2003-02-12Initial revisionntalbott