path: root/lib/rubygems/package.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-09-14* lib/rubygems: Update to RubyGems 2.4.1 master(713ab65)hsbt
2013-10-16* lib/rubygems: Update to RubyGems master commit 2a74263. This fixesdrbrain
2013-09-18* lib/rubygems: Update to RubyGems 2.2.0.preview.1drbrain
2013-09-14Revert r42938 "* lib/rubygems: Update to RubyGems 2.1.3"naruse
2013-09-13* lib/rubygems: Update to RubyGems 2.1.3drbrain
2013-09-13 * lib/rubygems: Update to RubyGems 2.1.3drbrain
2013-07-19* lib/rubygems*: [DOC] Capitalize "Ruby" in documentationzzak
2013-07-09* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2013-07-09* lib/rubygems: Import RubyGems 2.1drbrain
2013-07-08* lib/rubygems: Update to RubyGems 2.0.4. Seedrbrain
2013-03-11* lib/rubygems/commands/setup_command.rb: Don't delete non-rubygemsdrbrain
2013-03-05* lib/rubygems.rb: Bump version to 2.0.1 for upcoming bugfix releasedrbrain
2013-02-27* lib/rubygems/available_set.rb: Undent for styledrbrain
2013-02-09* lib/rubygems/package/old.rb: Fix behavior only on ruby 1.8.drbrain
2013-02-07 * lib/rubygems/package.rb: Ensure digests are generated for signing.drbrain
2013-02-05* lib/rubygems/commands/push_command.rb: Fixed credential download fordrbrain
2012-12-10* lib/rubygems/package.rb: Omit directories when packaging gems likedrbrain
2012-12-06* lib/rubygems/package.rb: Set rubygems_version before validation.drbrain
2012-11-30* lib/rubygems/package.rb: Load YAML for building gems.drbrain
2012-11-29* lib/rubygems*: Updated to RubyGems 2.0drbrain
2011-07-27 * lib/rubygems: Update to RubyGems
2011-06-01Import rubygems 1.8.5 (released @ 137c80f)ryan
2011-02-01Import rubygems 1.5.0 (released version @ 1fb59d0)ryan
2011-01-19Importing rubygems @ c2d4131: Deal with platforms that have DLEXT2 == nil. Fi...ryan
2011-01-19Import rubygems 1.5.0 (release candidate)ryan
2010-04-22Update to RubyGems 1.3.7.pre.1drbrain
2010-02-22* lib/rubygems: update to 1.3.6.nobu
2008-03-31Import RubyGems 1.1.0drbrain
2008-02-10Import RubyGems r1601. [ruby-core:15381].drbrain
2007-12-20Import RubyGems 1.0.0, r1575drbrain
2007-12-12* io.c (rb_io_getc): use default external encoding if fptr->enc ismatz
2007-11-10Import RubyGems trunk revision 1493.drbrain