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2003-12-18Annotate enum.c. Add pager support, and report on methods in included modulesdave
2003-12-17Add pager support to ri, and start implementing command line optionsdave
2003-12-16commit missdave
2003-12-16Put RDoc comments into array.c, and refine rdoc/ri to deal with stuff that arosedave
2003-12-16Initial load of support for ri/rdoc integrationdave
2003-12-07Support inline source in Kilmer templatedave
2003-12-04Try to give nicer error messages on internal failuresdave
2003-12-03Implicitly define classes in 'class <<ClassName' if we haven't come across th...dave
2003-12-03Missing filedave
2003-12-01Allow string as argument to alias_methoddave
2003-12-01Add RDocdave