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2022-03-02[ruby/rdoc] Use `Marshal.load io` instead of `Marshal.load`Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA
2020-09-18[ruby/rdoc] Support full filename to make a link for a text fileaycabta
2020-04-23Support XDG_* (#2174)Hiroshi SHIBATA
2019-08-16lib/rdoc/store.rb: Use `Marshal.dump(obj, io)`Yusuke Endoh
2018-10-17Merge rdoc-6.1.0.beta2aycabta
2018-03-26Merge RDoc 6.0.3 from upstream.hsbt
2017-11-27Merge rdoc-6.0.0.beta4 from upstream.hsbt
2016-11-05* lib/rdoc/*, test/rdoc/*: Update rdoc-5.0.0hsbt
2016-09-07* lib/rdoc/*, test/rdoc/*: Update rdoc-5.0.0.beta1hsbt
2015-12-16Add frozen_string_literal: false for all filesnaruse
2013-11-19* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2013-11-19* lib/rdoc: Update to RDoc master a1195ce. Changes include:drbrain
2013-09-19* remove trailing spaces, append newline at EOF.nobu
2013-09-18* lib/rdoc: Update to RDoc 4.1.0.preview.1drbrain
2013-01-25* lib/rdoc/generator/darkfish.rb: Fixed debug message. RDoc bug #174drbrain
2012-12-18* lib/rdoc/store.rb: Work around RDoc stores from older versions ofdrbrain
2012-12-14* lib/rdoc/rubygems_hook.rb: Fixed generation of documentation.drbrain
2012-12-13* lib/rdoc/class_module.rb: Fixed duplicate comments for classes anddrbrain
2012-12-07* lib/rdoc/markup/to_joined_paragraph.rb: Completed documentationdrbrain
2012-11-27* lib/rdoc/*: Added --root option for building documentation outsidedrbrain
2012-11-27* lib/rdoc*: Updated to RDoc 4.0 (pre-release)drbrain