path: root/lib/rdoc/ri/ri_paths.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-01-08Clean up namespacing of RI's classesdrbrain
2008-01-08Replace ri with Ryan Davis' cached ridrbrain
2007-12-24Fix display of GEMDIRS, make command command examples match ri's name.drbrain
2007-12-23Fix 1.9 warnings in RDocdrbrain
2006-06-26Add --system, --site, --home and --gems to limit ri search path.drbrain
2006-06-09* sprintf.c (rb_str_format): allow %c to print one charactermatz
2006-02-20* mkconfig.rb: generate RbConfig instead of Config.akr
2004-02-09*, bcc32/Makefile.sub, win32/Makefile.sub,,nobu
2004-01-12Checked in wrong version... :(dave
2003-12-18Annotate enum.c. Add pager support, and report on methods in included modulesdave
2003-12-16Initial load of support for ri/rdoc integrationdave