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2022-11-28[ruby/rdoc] Add `--no-skipping-tests` optionSven Riedel
2022-02-12[ruby/rdoc] Dump plain objects as `RDoc::Options`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-09-03[ruby/rdoc] Add tests for `--template-stylesheets` optionNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-09-02[ruby/rdoc] Move RDoc::RDoc#load_options to RDoc::RDoc.load_optionsaycabta
2021-03-16[ruby/rdoc] Allow partial default values to be overridden with .rdoc_optionsaycabta
2020-09-18[ruby/rdoc] update all files if any file is newerNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-10-29[ruby/rdoc] Support different drive latters in include pathsaycabta
2019-01-13rdoc: ignore gemspec filesnobu
2019-01-13rdoc: ignore garbage filesnobu
2018-12-08Merge RDoc 6.1.0.beta3 from upstreamaycabta
2018-03-26Merge RDoc 6.0.3 from upstream.hsbt
2017-11-27Merge rdoc-6.0.0.beta4 from upstream.hsbt
2016-11-05* lib/rdoc/*, test/rdoc/*: Update rdoc-5.0.0hsbt
2016-09-07* lib/rdoc/*, test/rdoc/*: Update rdoc-5.0.0.beta2hsbt
2015-12-16Add frozen_string_literal: false for all filesnaruse
2014-09-05* lib/rdoc.rb, lib/rdoc, test/rdoc: Update to RDoc 4.2.0.alpha(313287)hsbt
2013-09-18* lib/rdoc: Update to RDoc 4.1.0.preview.1drbrain
2013-07-31options.rb: include root for out-place buildnobu
2012-12-11* lib/rdoc/options.rb: Added --page-dir option for moving pages indrbrain
2012-11-27* lib/rdoc/*: Added --root option for building documentation outsidedrbrain
2012-11-27* lib/rdoc*: Updated to RDoc 4.0 (pre-release)drbrain
2011-05-14 * lib/rdoc.rb: Updated to RDoc 3.6drbrain
2011-02-05Import RDoc 3.5.2drbrain
2011-02-02Import RDoc 3.5.1drbrain
2010-12-28Import RDoc 3.1drbrain
2010-12-20Import RDoc 3drbrain
2010-04-27Import RDoc 2.5.7. Fixes #1318 and ruby-core:29780drbrain
2010-04-23Update to RDoc 2.5.6drbrain
2010-04-21Update to RDoc 2.5.5drbrain
2010-04-03* (rdoc): no force-update, and add RDOCFLAGS.nobu
2010-04-01Import RDoc 2.5drbrain
2009-03-06* {ext,lib,test}/**/*.rb: removed trailing spaces.nobu
2008-09-25Import RDoc 2.2.1 r185drbrain
2008-07-21Update to RDoc 2.1.0 r112drbrain
2008-07-18Import RDoc r104. Various test fixes.drbrain
2008-07-18Import RDoc r101.drbrain
2008-06-04* lib/rdoc.rb: massive spelling correction patch from Evan Farrarmatz
2008-04-04* lib/rdoc/parsers/parse_rb.rb: Fix uninitialized variable warnings.drbrain
2008-02-10 * lib/rdoc/code_objects.rb: Make some attributes accessible for reuse.drbrain
2008-01-13Complete RDoc namespace changedrbrain
2008-01-13Reorganize RDoc generatorsdrbrain
2008-01-11* lib/rdoc/options.rb ():nobu
2008-01-08Clean up namespacing of RI's classesdrbrain
2008-01-07Convert RDoc to OptionParser, clean up -h output, namespace Options under RDoc.drbrain
2008-01-07Merge documentation from the same class on ri generation.drbrain
2007-12-25Enable RDoc debugging only with $DEBUG_RDOCdrbrain
2007-12-14* lib/rdoc/options.rb (Options::parse): do not access $KCODE anymatz
2007-09-22 * lib/rdoc/options.rb (Options::check_diagram): dot -V outputshyouhei
2006-09-17* lib/rdoc/rdoc.rb (RDoc::RDoc#document): scan only files modifiednobu
2004-11-201. Force --inline-source if --one-file givendave