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2007-12-28Move RDoc markup samples to sample/rdoc/markup directorydrbrain
2007-12-28Remove test directorydrbrain
2007-12-28Move RDoc tests out of lib/drbrain
2007-12-25Enable RDoc debugging only with $DEBUG_RDOCdrbrain
2006-08-04Don't document test or sample directories.drbrain
2006-06-10* lib/getoptlong.rb (GetoptLong#set_options): recieve argumentsusa
2005-10-24* lib/rdoc/markup/simple_markup.rb (SM::SimpleMarkup::LABEL_LIST_RE):nobu
2004-12-31Fix problem in ri formatting if heading contains markupdave
2004-11-26Fix problem with :section: and new 1.9dave
2004-08-30ri now merges the documentation if it finds the same class in multiple placesdave
2004-08-15* rdoc/markup/simple_markup/to_flow.rb: typo fix(CGI -> cgi).eban
2004-08-13Add "usage" interfacedave
2004-04-24Fix bug where consecutive headings were mergeddave
2004-04-09Fixed problem with \_cat_<b>dog</b>dave
2004-02-19Fix typos (Doug Kearns)dave
2004-02-18Strip extraneous spaces from included filenamedave
2003-12-27Add support for rules in ri outputdave
2003-12-25Fix problem with rule calculationdave
2003-12-24Forgot to save buffer.... sighdave
2003-12-16Initial load of support for ri/rdoc integrationdave
2003-12-01Add RDocdave