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2007-12-24Mon Dec 24 23:04:57 2007 NAKAMURA, Hiroshi <>nahi
2006-09-17* (install-doc): reverted.nobu
2005-03-04* array.c: replace rb_protect_inspect() and rb_inspecting_p() bymatz
2004-01-02Finish documenting internal stuff. See Changelog for other detailsdave
2003-12-24Forgot to save buffer.... sighdave
2003-12-21Add file.c comments (and necessary support in parse_c.rb)dave
2003-12-19Fix dependency issuedave
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2003-12-16Put RDoc comments into array.c, and refine rdoc/ri to deal with stuff that arosedave
2003-12-16Initial load of support for ri/rdoc integrationdave