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2007-12-25Enable RDoc debugging only with $DEBUG_RDOCdrbrain
2007-12-23Fix 1.9 warnings in RDocdrbrain
2004-12-04Ignore leading and trailing lines in :section: blocksdave
2004-11-201. Force --inline-source if --one-file givendave
2004-10-26Restore correct :nodoc: behavior with nested classesdave
2004-09-11Fix up cross-file class mergingdave
2004-08-02Bugfix: looping on some toplevel symbols. Added SWIG supportdave
2004-05-05Don't include &block if we have yield parametersdave
2004-04-26Alias alias to instance methodsdave
2004-04-11Forgot to check special case at top leveldave
2004-04-10Fix :enddoc"dave
2004-04-02checked in debug version in errordave
2004-04-02Fix parse bug with toplevel methods. Allow RDoc in =begin rdoc/=end comments ...dave
2004-02-19Support visibility modifiers for attributesdave
2004-01-02Finish documenting internal stuff. See Changelog for other detailsdave
2003-12-30Fix problem when class and method names the samedave
2003-12-24Forgot to save buffer.... sighdave
2003-12-01Add RDocdave