path: root/lib/pp.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2003-05-11* lib/pp.rb: refine to_s test.akr
2003-05-10* lib/pp.rb (PP::ObjectMixin#pretty_print): refine to_s handling.akr
2003-03-16add test for previous change.akr
2003-03-16* lib/pp.rb (object_address_group): use to_s instead of nameakr
2003-03-07* lib/pp.rb (Kernel.pp): module function.akr
2003-01-21* lib/pp.rb: Use Test::Unit.akr
2003-01-20fix sharing_detection.akr
2003-01-20refine previous change.akr
2003-01-20* lib/pp.rb: Don't redefine `inspect'.akr
2002-12-02* lib/pp.rb (PP.singleline_pp): new method.akr
2002-10-08* lib/prettyprint.rb (PrettyPrint.singleline_format): new method.akr
2002-09-11* pp.rb (ARGF.pretty_print): implemented.akr
2002-08-24* lib/time.rb (Time.rfc2822, Time#rfc2822): preserve localtimeness.akr
2002-07-03expand TABs.akr
2002-06-30made object address test to compare inspect's result.akr
2002-06-29fix object address test.akr
2002-06-28* re.c (rb_reg_expr_str): need to process backslashes properly.matz
2002-06-28lib/pp.rb: fix object address.akr
2002-06-27* lib/prettyprint.rb, lib/pp.rb: convenience methods added.akr
2002-06-27* lib/prettyprint.rb: re-implemented for incremental output to handleakr
2002-03-25* lib/pp.rb (pp): return nil like p.akr
2002-02-22* prettyprint.rb: FillGroup implemented.akr
2002-01-31refine previous change.akr
2002-01-31* lib/pp.rb (File::Stat#pretty_print): print rdev_major and rdev_minor.akr
2002-01-29* lib/pp.rb: don't print a mode File::Stat as decimal number.akr
2001-12-24lib/pp.rb lib/prettyprint.rb: new file.akr