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2014-12-05* lib/pp.rb (File::Stat#pritty_print): some platforms (such as Windows)usa
2013-10-22* lib/pp.rb (object_address_group): Use Kernel#to_s to obtain the classakr
2013-06-13* bootstraptest/test_autoload.rb, bootstraptest/test_method.rb:shugo
2013-05-20* lib/pp.rb: Revert part of r40834 and nodoc PP::ObjectMixinzzak
2013-05-19* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2013-05-19* lib/pp.rb: Document PP::ObjectMixin [Fixes GH-312]zzak
2013-04-28* lib/pp.rb: Update PP module overview by @geopetzzak
2013-02-10* lib/pp.rb, lib/prettyprint.rb: Documentation for PP and PrettyPrintzzak
2012-08-15Kernel#inspect: improve consistency and do not call #to_s.eregon
2012-08-15Revert r36699 and r36700. [Feature #6130]naruse
2012-08-14update PP with recent Kernel#inspect change. Patch by Yusuke Endoh.eregon
2011-12-04* lib/pp.rb: fix rdoc.ktsj
2011-10-10* lib/pp.rb: Move PP documentation to top of class PP. Patch bydrbrain
2010-08-01* lib/pp.rb: describe superclasses explicitly.akr
2010-04-24* lib/pp.rb: use [""].pack("p").size to detect the pointer size.akr
2009-11-07* lib/pp.rb (PP::ObjectMixin#pretty_print): use to_s regardless ofakr
2009-09-29* lib/pp.rb (Kernel#pp): returns its arguments, like Kernel#p.mame
2009-09-27* lib/pp.rb (PP:ObjectMixin#pretty_print): delegates has no inspectakr
2009-08-04* lib/pp.rb (guard_inspect_key): untrust internal hash to preventmame
2009-04-27* lib/pp.rb (Struct#pretty_print): coerce to a string sincenobu
2009-02-14* test/test_pp.rb: extract from lib/pp.rb.akr
2008-09-14trailing spaces removed.akr
2007-12-09* re.c (rb_reg_names): new method Regexp#names.akr
2007-12-07* lib/pp.rb: use Hash for recursion check as inspect.akr
2007-11-11refine doc.akr
2007-10-14* lib/pp.rb (PP::PPMethods#pp_hash): don't sort keys because hash isakr
2007-07-07* lib/pp.rb (PP::PPMethods#pp_hash): sort condition changed:akr
2007-07-07* lib/pp.rb (PP::PPMethods#pp_hash): sort ifakr
2007-06-07* lib/pp.rb: call original "method" method instead of redefined one.akr
2007-06-05* lib/pp.rb (PP::PPMethods::seplist): revert last change to workmatz
2006-07-11* bignum.c (bignorm): sizeof(long) may be smaller thanmatz
2006-07-08cached rdoc diagrams, private rdoc comments, minor clarifications in debug.rb...ryan
2006-06-21* lib/pp.rb (PP::PPMethods::seplist): should have preservedmatz
2006-06-16* lib/pp.rb (Kernel#pretty_inspect): defined for pretty printedakr
2006-05-13* lib/pp.rb (PP.mcall): new method.akr
2005-11-30A trick for negative address removed.akr
2005-11-30ChangeLog lib/pp.rbakr
2005-11-28* lib/pp.rb (PP::PPMethods#object_address_group): adjust address format.akr
2005-03-09* lib/pp.rb (PP::PPMethods#guard_inspect_key): supportakr
2005-03-07* object.c (inspect_obj): unintended space removal.matz
2005-03-06* lib/pp.rb: rdoced by Sam Roberts.akr
2005-03-06* lib/pp.rb (File::Stat#pretty_print): Etc.getpwuid and Etc.getgrgidakr
2004-11-14* lib/pp.rb (PP#object_address_group): remove odd number of 'f'nobu
2004-03-27* (lib/pp.rb, lib/prettyprint.rb): define seplist in PP::PPMethodsakr
2004-02-11* lib/pathname.rb: use assert_raise instead of assert_raises.akr
2004-02-08wrong commit.nobu
2004-02-08* lib/pp.rb (PP::PPMethods::object_address_group): suppress negativenobu
2004-02-06 * lib/pp.rb (PPInspectTest#test_to_s_with_iv): rollback the previousnahi
2004-02-06 * lib/pp.rb (PPInspectTest#test_to_s_with_iv): remove instancenahi
2004-02-05* lib/prettyprint.rb (PrettyPrint#seplist): added.akr