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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-27Promote net-smtp to the bundled gemsHiroshi SHIBATA
2021-04-28[ruby/net-smtp] mod: bump to a new VERSION that could be checked for testings...Tom Freudenberg
2021-04-28[ruby/net-smtp] Replace Timeout.timeout with socket timeoutmohamed
2021-04-28[ruby/net-smtp] Net::SMTP.start() and #start() accepts ssl_context_params key...Tom Freudenberg
2020-11-18[ruby/net-smtp] Bump version to 0.2.1Hiroshi SHIBATA
2020-11-17Import net-smtp-0.2.0 from SHIBATA
2020-10-27Separate `send` into `public_send` and `__send__`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2020-09-14[ruby/net-smtp] Add SNI support to net/smtpnicholas a. evans
2020-09-14[ruby/net-smtp] Net::SMTP.start arguments are keyword argumentsTOMITA Masahiro
2020-09-14[ruby/net-smtp] TLS should not check the host name by default.TOMITA Masahiro
2020-07-30Extract version number from the sourceNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-03-08Specify explicit separator not to be affected by $;Nobuyoshi Nakada
2020-03-07Removed unnecessary `chomp`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2019-11-18Warn on access/modify of $SAFE, and remove effects of modifying $SAFEJeremy Evans
2019-11-07Promote net-smtp to default gemsHiroshi SHIBATA
2019-06-27Fix documentation for Net::SMTPServerBusyJeremy Evans
2018-12-31Revert "lib/net/http.rb: use connect_timeout instead of Timeout"glass
2018-12-31lib/net/http.rb: use connect_timeout instead of Timeoutglass
2018-11-02lib/*: Prefer require_relative over require.marcandre
2017-07-20Use `unpack1` instead of `unpack` and `[0]`kazu
2017-01-12lib/net/smtp.rb: Specify frozen_string_literal: true.kazu
2016-11-21lib/*: remove closed checksnormal
2016-11-14net/protocol.rb: kwargsnobu
2016-11-05* lib/net/smtp.rb (tlsconnect): support timeout for TLS handshake.shugo
2016-06-11Remove dead link [ci skip]nobu
2016-06-08* lib/net/smtp.rb (getok, get_response): raise an ArgumentError whenshugo
2016-01-10stdlib: avoid extra calls to eliminate "\n" from Base64normal
2015-12-16Add frozen_string_literal: false for all filesnaruse
2014-07-11* lib/net/smtp.rb (Net::SMTP#data): enable buffering whilekosaki
2014-01-13* lib/net/smtp.rb: [DOC] Remove dead link to RAA by Giorgos Tsiftsiszzak
2013-12-03* lib/net/smtp.rb: [DOC] Fix typoa_matsuda
2013-12-02* lib/net/smtp.rb (Net::SMTP#critical): Always return adrbrain
2013-05-19fix typos inspired by r40825kazu
2013-03-31Document the default Net timeout values by @toolmantim [GH fixes #269]hsbt
2013-03-11* lib/net/smtp.rb: Added Net::SMTP#rset method to implement the SMTPdrbrain
2013-02-02* lib/net/smtp.rb: Fix rdoc title for Net::SMTPzzak
2012-04-24* lib/net/smtp.rb (check_continue): raise an error with an explanatorymame
2012-04-11* lib/net/protocol.rb (module Net): Added ReadTimeout to matchdrbrain
2012-02-28 * lib/net/protocol.rb: Add OpenTimeout subclass of Timeout::Errordrbrain
2011-11-05* ext/pathname/lib/pathname.rb, ext/tk/lib/multi-tk.rb,ktsj
2011-05-23 * lib/net/smtp.rb: Document Net::SMTP::Response. Patch by J.R. Garcia.drbrain
2010-12-22adding more tests for Net::SMTP::Response classtenderlove
2010-12-22passing nil to split is not necessarytenderlove
2010-12-22* lib/net/smtp.rb: refactoring Net::SMTP#esmtp= to use antenderlove
2010-12-22* lib/net/smtp.rb: Net::SMTP should close the SSL connection if thetenderlove
2010-04-27* lib/net/smtp.rb (Net::SMTP#rcptto_list): fixed typo.nobu
2010-04-16* lib/net/smtp.rb (Net::SMTP#rcptto_list): continue when at leastnobu
2010-03-20* lib: fixed typo. a patch by Sho Hashimoto in [ruby-dev:40716].nobu
2009-05-10* lib/net/smtp.rb (Net::SMTP#check_auth_args): should not changematz
2009-03-06* {ext,lib,test}/**/*.rb: removed trailing spaces.nobu