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2006-08-04Merge RDoc changes from HEAD.drbrain
2006-07-28* lib/logger.rb: improves the amount of documentation that Rdocmatz
2005-09-13 * lib/logger.rb (Logger): added formatter accessor to logger fornahi
2005-08-20 * lib/logger.rb (write, shift_log?, shift_log): file shifting racenahi
2005-07-16document fix [ruby-dev:26516] (patch from Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA)ocean
2004-05-27 * lib/logger.rb: leading 0 padding of timestamp usec part.nahi
2004-05-07* eval.c (rb_eval): too many line trace call. (ruby-bugs PR#1320)matz
2004-04-18* dln.c, io.c, lib/benchmark.rb, lib/cgi.rb, lib/csv.rb, lib/date.rb,nobu
2004-01-11Backported revisions 1.5 -> 1.8 into ruby_1_8 branchgsinclair
2003-09-29* lib/logger.rb: check if the given logdevice object respond_to :write andnahi
2003-09-23* lib/logger.rb: add Logger#<<(msg) for writing msg without any formatting.nahi
2003-09-20* lib/logger.rb: typo fixed.nahi
2003-09-18* lib/logger.rb: Comment fix. I don't like inline documentation... Hard tonahi
2003-09-18* lib/logger.rb: new file. Logger, formerly called devel-logger ornahi