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2014-08-24* lib/e2mmap.rb: remove needless instance variables.hsbt
2014-08-13* lib/irb.rb: Prevent irb from crashing when exception withhsbt
2014-08-09* lib/irb.rb: removed commented-out code.hsbt
2014-07-26* lib/irb.rb: [DOC] PROMPT_I cannot be nil, patch by @hgillane [ci skip]zzak
2014-05-25* lib/irb.rb: [DOC] Fixed syntax error in example by @jasdeepsingh.zzak
2013-12-23* lib/irb.rb: [DOC] Fix typoa_matsuda
2013-07-18* lib/cgi.rb: [DOC] Capitalize "Ruby" in documentation [Fixes GH-341]zzak
2013-03-12* lib/irb.rb: Fix typodrbrain
2013-02-05* lib/irb.rb: Remove example from restrictions, it works [Github #246]zzak
2013-02-04* lib/irb.rb, lib/irb/ext/save-history.rb: Add documentation on how tozzak
2013-02-04* lib/irb.rb, lib/irb/context.rb: Add documentation on how to enablezzak
2013-01-13* lib/irb.rb, lib/prime.rb: Typos in overviewzzak
2012-12-21* lib/irb/input-method.rb, lib/irb.rb: Typo in zzak
2012-12-21* lib/irb.rb, lib/irb/*: Documentation for IRBzzak
2012-12-13* lib/irb*: merge doc from doc/irb/ird.rd and improve overallzzak
2011-05-19* lib: revert r31635-r31638 and untabify with expand(1).nobu
2011-05-18 * lib: Convert tabs to spaces for ruby files perdrbrain
2010-06-19* lib/irb.rb: remove double exclamation marks. a patch from Diegomatz
2010-03-30 * lib/irb.rb: suppoort [Feature#988], [ruby-core:21177].keiju
2009-07-21 * lib/irb.rb: forget svn commit.keiju
2009-07-07 * bin/irb, lib/irb.rb lib/irb/*: irb-0.9.6, extend inspect-modekeiju
2009-03-06* {ext,lib,test}/**/*.rb: removed trailing spaces.nobu
2008-11-07* lib/irb.rb (IRB::Irb#eval_input): remove extra @context.prompt_i.matz
2008-08-10* lib/irb.rb (IRB::Irb#inspect): instance_variables returns symbolsnobu
2008-03-04* lib/irb.rb (IRB::Irb::eval_input): SyntaxError should not bematz
2008-02-08* lib/irb.rb (IRB::Irb::eval_input): rescues Interrupt and other thannobu
2008-01-06* $Date$ keyword removed to avoid inclusion of locale dependentakr
2007-07-06 * lib/irb.rb: typo. Thanks, Giles Bowkett.keiju
2005-10-27* string.c (scan_once): wrong condition to use mbclen2().matz
2005-04-13 * bin/irb lib/irb.rb lib/irb/...: IRB 0.9.5.keiju
2003-06-10* lib/irb.rb (IRB::Irb::eval_input): warn and exit if $SAFE >=3matz
2002-11-19* array.c (rb_ary_zip): iterates over items in the receiver.matz
2002-10-02use Object#class instead of deprecated Object#type.nobu
2002-07-09* irb 0.9keiju
2001-05-08*** empty log message ***keiju
2001-05-03Get rid of Japanese comments and fix English comments as appropriate.knu
2001-04-30Initial revisionknu