path: root/lib/ftools.rb
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2003-07-17* lib/ftools.rb (File::makedirs): do not handle "//" as a directory.eban
2003-06-02* array.c (push_values_at): Array#values_at should work withmatz
2002-06-20* lib/ftools.rb (compare): don't return with a file openedeban
2002-06-20* lib/ftool.rb (BUFSIZE): tuning, set buffer length to 8192.eban
2002-06-11new platform [bccwin32] merged.H_Konishi
2001-10-02* lib/ftools.rb (catname): allow trailing '/' for the destination.eban
2001-05-07* lib/ftools.rb (syscopy): chmod destination file only ifeban
1999-01-20This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r372,matz
1998-01-16Initial revisionmatz