path: root/lib/fileutils.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2003-07-29* lib/fileutils.rb (install): support preserve timestamp.eban
2003-05-02* lib/fileutils.rb: use hashes to pass options.aamine
2003-04-15* lib/net/fileutils.rb: rm_r should raise Errno::ENOENT if file not exist. [r...aamine
2003-03-09* lib/fileutils.rb (mkdir, mkdir_p): revert.eban
2003-03-09* lib/fileutils.rb (mkdir, mkdir_p): set mode to 0755.eban
2003-02-23* lib/fileutils (fu_stream_blksize): wrong logial condition.eban
2003-02-21* lib/fileutils.rb: new method FileUtils#copy_stream.aamine
2003-02-10* lib/fileutils.rb (FileUtils#uptodate?): use mtime for comparison.aamine
2003-02-08* lib/fileutils.rb: new method FileUtils.pwd (really).aamine
2003-02-06* lib/fileutils.rb: new method FileUtils.pwd.aamine
2003-01-25*** empty log message ***nobu
2003-01-24Converted RD to RDoc and improved documentation. See comments at EOF.gsinclair
2003-01-06* lib/fileutils.rb (ln): add ' -f' in the verbose message.eban
2003-01-05* lib/fileutils.rb (ln): `argv' is not a argument.eban
2003-01-05* instruby.rb: need paren in regexp(make -n install).eban
2002-12-29* lib/fileutils.rb: should not inherit ftools.rb's misfeature.aamine
2002-12-28* lib/fileutils.rb (cmp): return false if file size differs.usa
2002-12-27* lib/fileutils.rb (fu_parseargs): reject illegal options correctly.aamine
2002-10-17* lib/fileutils.rb: stat.blksize might become 0/nil.aamine
2002-03-26* lib/fileutils.rb: new file.aamine