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2014-12-12erb: set variables from the command linenobu
2014-12-12erb: lineno and location settersnobu
2014-08-27* lib/drb/acl.rb: Removed meaningless #to_s methods in interpolation.hsbt
2014-07-27* lib/cgi/core.rb: remove unused variables.hsbt
2014-07-25fix encoding specnobu
2014-05-30erb.rb: ERB#result does not accept a proc.nobu
2013-12-06 * lib/erb.rb: [DOC] fix broken link.hsbt
2013-07-18* lib/cgi.rb: [DOC] Capitalize "Ruby" in documentation [Fixes GH-341]zzak
2013-07-16* lib/erb.rb (ERB::Util#url_encode): Unuse regexp special globalxibbar
2013-06-02* lib/cgi/util.rb, lib/erb.rb: Use String#b [Feature #8394] by znzzzak
2013-01-26* hash.c (rb_env_size): Restored documentation for ENV.sizedrbrain
2012-12-23* lib/erb.rb: typos for ERB::new linkzzak
2012-12-23* lib/erb.rb: Document ERB::new trim_mode '-' for lines ending in -%>zzak
2012-12-05* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2012-12-04 * lib/erb.rb (make_compiler, add_put_cmd, add_insert_cmd): extractseki
2012-11-09erb.rb: safe concurrent usenobu
2012-08-14* lib/erb.rb (ERB::Util.html_escape): fix r36687: call to_s beforenaruse
2012-08-13* lib/erb.rb (ERB::Util.html_escape): use CGI.escape to escapeshugo
2011-05-24 * lib/erb.rb: Restore documentation for ERB::Util and ERB::DefMethoddrbrain
2011-05-24 * lib/erb.rb: Hide documentation for implementation details of ERB.drbrain
2011-05-19* lib: revert r31635-r31638 and untabify with expand(1).nobu
2011-05-18 * lib: Convert tabs to spaces for ruby files perdrbrain
2011-05-15* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2011-05-14 * lib/erb.rb: Document ERB::Compiler. Patch by Simon Chiang.drbrain
2009-03-06* {ext,lib,test}/**/*.rb: removed trailing spaces.nobu
2009-01-11remove PercentScanner. fixed % after %> bug. [ruby-dev:37751] [Bug #997]seki
2009-01-03merged r20850, r17881, r16811, r16763, r16748, r15829, r15794 and r15698 from...seki
2008-12-29* lib/erb.rb (ERB): m17n of ERB. adds rdoc.yugui
2008-06-27* lib/erb.rb: adjust line number for magic comment.kazu
2008-06-25* lib/erb.rb (ERB::Compiler:Buffer#new): push magic comment first.naruse
2008-06-25* lib/erb.rb (ERB::Compiler#compile): magic comment needs LF.naruse
2008-06-25* lib/erb.rb (ERB::Compiler#compile): output magic comment.naruse
2008-06-04* lib/rdoc.rb: massive spelling correction patch from Evan Farrarmatz
2008-06-02* lib/erb.rb (ERB::Compiler::TrimScanner#scan_line): Oops. Thisknu
2008-06-02* lib/erb.rb (ERB::Compiler::TrimScanner#scan_line): Fix a bugknu
2008-04-30 [ruby-dev:34497] ERB::Util#url_encode bug fix. Reported by rubikitch.seki
2008-01-06* lib/erb.rb (ERB::Revision): cut off locale dependent string in Dateakr
2006-10-17* lib/erb.rb: String#each was removed, use #each_line instead.aamine
2006-01-10(ERB::Compiler): add instance variable @insert_cmd to change <%='s behavior.seki
2005-02-12make module_functionseki
2004-11-25* io.c (io_read): move StringValue() check before GetOpenFile().matz
2004-02-28 * MANIFEST: add test_erb.rbseki
2003-12-10* lib/erb.rb: new method ERB#filename(=). [ruby-dev:22208]aamine
2003-07-31import erb-2.0.4b4seki
2003-07-31add explicit trim modeseki
2003-07-29import erb_2_0_4b2seki
2003-07-25fix: keep linenoseki
2003-07-23import erb-2.0.4b1seki
2003-04-22fix ERB::DefMethod bugseki
2003-01-20make public ERB::Compilerseki