path: root/lib/drb/unix.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-18Deprecate taint/trust and related methods, and make the methods no-opsJeremy Evans
2018-11-02lib/*: Prefer require_relative over require.marcandre
2018-08-25drb: close graceful shutdown pipe before socketnormal
2017-12-30drb: use \A and \znobu
2015-12-16Add frozen_string_literal: false for all filesnaruse
2015-05-27drb: avoid redundant fcntl callnormal
2014-09-21* lib/drb/drb.rb: Support graceful shutdown.akr
2013-01-25* lib/drb/drb.rb: Improved documentation by adding or hiding methods.drbrain
2011-11-01* lib/webrick/utils.rb: fix fcntl call.akr
2011-05-19* lib: revert r31635-r31638 and untabify with expand(1).nobu
2011-05-18 * lib: Convert tabs to spaces for ruby files perdrbrain
2010-11-08* lib/*.rb: Remove unused variable warnings.marcandre
2009-03-06* {ext,lib,test}/**/*.rb: removed trailing spaces.nobu
2007-11-19merged from ruby_1_8 branch.seki
2005-01-22fail if UNIXFileOwner is set. [druby-ja:111]seki
2004-02-18remove O_NONBLOCK, thanks ayseki
2003-10-30add DRbArray, and change yield. [ruby-dev:21773]seki
2003-07-27add UNIXFileOwner, UNIXFileGroupseki
2003-07-23* lib/tmpdir.rb (tmpdir): new method. remove TMPDIR.eban
2003-07-21* lib/tmpdir.rb: new library to get temporary directory path,matz
2003-06-18import from drb-2.0.4b3seki