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2011-03-11 * ext/date/lib: moved from lib.tadf
2010-08-22 * lib/date.rb, lib/date/format.rb: [ruby-core:31695]tadf
2010-08-10 * lib/date/format.rb (Date::Format::Bag): use Struct.tadf
2009-08-16 * lib/date/format.rb (strptime): removed \v; since \s includes \v.tadf
2009-08-16 * lib/date/format.rb: reverted.tadf
2009-08-16* lib/date/format.rb: suppressed a warning.naruse
2008-12-16 * lib/date/format.rb (_parse): m17n compliant.tadf
2008-11-24 * lib/date/format.rb (strftime): ignores '_' flag for %[LN].tadf
2008-10-04 * lib/date/format.rb: no need to require the "lib/rational.rb".tadf
2008-08-25 * lib/date/format.rb(strftime): can print with given arbitrarytadf
2008-08-22* strftime.c (rb_strftime): supported flags and precision for mostnobu
2008-02-12* ext/json/lib/json/pure/generator.rb,naruse
2008-01-19 * lib/date.rb, lib/date/format.rb: parse's hints as antadf
2008-01-17 * lib/date.rb (Date::Infinity#<=>): didn't work. A patch fromtadf
2008-01-12 * lib/date.rb, lib/date/format.rb: tuning for performance.tadf
2008-01-06 * lib/date.rb, lib/date/format.rb: introduced some constantstadf
2007-12-26 * lib/date/format.rb (_xmlschema): some improvements.tadf
2007-09-09 * lib/date/format.rb (_strptime): now also attaches an elementtadf
2007-09-08 * lib/date/format.rb (str[fp]time): now check specifications moretadf
2007-09-01 * lib/date/format.rb (_parse): improved parsing of ordinal dates.tadf
2007-08-10 * lib/date/format.rb: reverted some wrongly erased "o" optionstadf
2007-07-31 * lib/date/format.rb (_parse): now interprets slashed numericaltadf
2007-07-22 * lib/date/format.rb (Date._parse): now accepts some newtadf
2007-07-21 * lib/date.rb, lib/date/format.rb (Date._parse): now can take sometadf
2007-07-20 * lib/date/format.rb (Date._parse): completes calendar week based year.tadf
2007-05-19 * lib/date/format.rb (Date._parse): detects some OFX datestadf
2007-05-08 * lib/date/format.rb (Date._parse): revised treatment oftadf
2007-05-08 * lib/date/format.rb: reverted.tadf
2007-05-05* lib/date/format.rb (Format::Bag#method_missing): get rid ofnobu
2007-04-15 * lib/date/format.rb: added some zone names.tadf
2007-02-18updated based on date2 4.0.3.tadf
2007-02-14* lib/date/format.rb (Date::Format::Bag::method_missing): need notmatz
2007-02-14* re.c (reg_operand): allow symbols to be operands for regularmatz
2007-02-13* lib/date/format.rb (Date::Format::Bag::method_missing): addmatz
2007-01-07updated based on date2 4.0.1.tadf
2006-12-30updated based on date2 4.0.tadf
2006-10-24updated based on date2 3.9.6.tadf
2006-09-30updated based on date2 3.9.4.tadf
2006-09-24updated based on date2 3.9.3.tadf
2006-09-22 updated based on date2 3.9.2.tadf
2006-09-18* object.c (rb_obj_ivar_defined, rb_mod_cvar_defined): new methods,nobu
2006-09-10updated based on date2 3.9.1.tadf
2006-09-04updated based on date2 3.9.tadf
2006-08-25updated based on date2 3.8.2.tadf
2006-08-07* lib/date/format.rb: specify maximum number of digits to parsematz
2006-08-06%[EO]U didn't denote %U.tadf
2006-08-05"%\n" means "\n".tadf