path: root/iseq.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-12-15iseq.c: intermediate arraysnobu
2014-12-11* class.c (class_alloc): Strat from age == 2.ko1
2014-12-10struct.c: use iseqvalnobu
2014-12-09struct: avoid all O(n) behavior on accessnormal
2014-12-05iseq.c: remove unused rb_iseq_new_with_boptnormal
2014-12-03mostly fix rb_iseq_loadnormal
2014-12-03iseq.c: avoid segfault on incomplete iseqnormal
2014-12-02iseq.c: use lvar indexnobu
2014-12-01iseq.c (iseq_data_to_ary): keep hidden variablesnormal
2014-12-01use 0 for reservednobu
2014-11-27iseq.c (iseq_data_to_ary): add missing GC guardnormal
2014-11-26iseq.c (iseq_s_compile_file): close IO when donenormal
2014-11-23iseq.c: preserve encoding at disassemblingnobu
2014-11-15* internal.h: Include ruby.h and ruby/encoding.h to beakr
2014-11-03* iseq.c (iseq_free): resolve memory leak.ko1
2014-11-03* iseq.c (iseq_memsize): catch up recent changes.ko1
2014-11-03* vm_core.h: change semantics of opt_num and opt_table.ko1
2014-11-02* vm_core.h: change iseq parameter data structure.ko1
2014-11-02* rewrite method/block parameter fitting logic to optimizeko1
2014-10-14symbol.c: rename rb_str_dynamic_internnobu
2014-10-01iseq.c (rb_iseq_line_trace_each): explicit castnormal
2014-09-21iseq.c (rb_iseq_defined_string): trim redundant semi-colonnormal
2014-09-10compile: translate iseq in-placenormal
2014-08-25rb_iseq_location_t: change first_lineno type to VALUEnormal
2014-08-15* iseq.c (rb_iseq_clone): Should not insert write barrier fromko1
2014-07-28symbols instead of IDsnobu
2014-07-26struct iseq_compile_data_storage: 16 bytes (from 32) overheadnormal
2014-07-26rb_iseq_t: reduce to (280 bytes from 288 bytes) on 64-bitnormal
2014-07-25introduce ZALLOC{,_N} to replace ALLOC{,_N}+MEMZERO usenormal
2014-07-16* iseq.c (rb_iseq_defined_string): use rb_gc_mark_object() instead ofko1
2014-07-14vm_core.h (struct rb_iseq_struct): reduce to 296 bytes on 64-bitnormal
2014-06-18constify parametersnobu
2014-01-12iseq.c: linear searchnobu
2014-01-12iseq.c: potential memory leaknobu
2014-01-12ruby/util.h: DECIMAL_SIZE_OF_BITSnobu
2013-12-25compile.c: unnamed keyword rest checknobu
2013-12-25iseq.c: fix parameter of unnamed rest keywords argumentnobu
2013-12-20* include/ruby/ruby.h: rename OBJ_WRITE and OBJ_WRITTEN intoko1
2013-12-08gc.c: promote long-lived NODE_CREF objects to oldgentmm1
2013-11-26* compile.c: Use rb_fstring() to de-duplicate string literals in code. [ruby...tmm1
2013-11-15iseq.c: fix values for truenobu
2013-10-29* add RUBY_TYPED_FREE_IMMEDIATELY to data types which only useko1
2013-10-08* vm_backtrace.c, include/ruby/debug.h: add new APIsko1
2013-10-07* include/ruby/debug.h: add backtrace collecting APIs for profiler.ko1
2013-10-07* iseq.c, internal.h: change to public (but internal) functionsko1
2013-08-20* insns.def: fix regexp's once option behavior.ko1
2013-07-29parse.y, vm_eval.c: file encoding in evalnobu
2013-06-21* include/ruby/ruby.h (OBJ_WRITE): cast to (VALUE *) for secondko1
2013-06-19* include/ruby/ruby.h (struct rb_data_type_struct), gc.c: addko1
2013-06-12* safe.c (rb_set_safe_level, safe_setter): raise an ArgumentErrorshugo