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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-17iseq.c: dump as non-trace instructionsnobu
2018-01-17iseq.c: flatten TS_NUM operand conditionsnobu
2018-01-14exclude flexible array size with old compilersnobu
2018-01-13iseq.h (struct iseq_catch_table_entry, iseq_compile_data_storage): Use FLEX_A...mame
2018-01-13internal.h (FLEX_ARY_LEN): Add a macro to define a flexible arraymame
2018-01-13flexible array member is a C99ismshyouhei
2018-01-11iseq.c: child iseq encodingnobu
2018-01-10iseq.c: Succinct bitvector now supports 32-bit machinemame
2018-01-09iseq.c: Add explicit casts from long to int (to pass compile on clang)mame
2018-01-09iseq.c: Add a succinct bitvector implementation for insn_info_tablemame
2018-01-09iseq.c (iseq_data_to_ary): Avoid direct use of insns_info.positionsmame
2018-01-09Rename code_range to code_locationmame
2018-01-08use `getblockparamproxy` to pass blocks.ko1
2018-01-08parse.y: Make consistent with the terms about code ranges and locationsmame
2018-01-05node.h: remove NODE_PRELUDEmame
2018-01-05make rb_iseq_new* accept rb_ast_body_t instead of NODE*mame
2018-01-05node.h: define rb_ast_body_t and restructure rb_ast_tmame
2018-01-05Refactor ISEQ_TYPE_DEFINED_GUARD outmame
2018-01-04iseq.c: Refactor out rb_iseq_new_ifunc from rb_iseq_new_with_optmame
2018-01-04iseq.c (rb_iseq_new_with_opt): handle the case where node is imemo_funcmame share large tablesenobu
2018-01-01vm_core.h: make the algorithm of get_insn_info selectablemame
2018-01-01iseq.h: Extract position array from iseq_insn_info_entrymame
2018-01-01iseq.c: fix build error when VM_CHECK_MODE is enabledmame
2018-01-01vm_core.h: refactoring of insns_infomame
2017-12-25Disasm output contains code range.ko1
2017-12-24Remove "trace_instruction" compile option.ko1
2017-12-23iseq.c: show first_lineno on iseq inspectk0kubun
2017-12-23iseq.c: Remove unused macro in r61395kazu
2017-12-23iseq.c: local variable namesnobu
2017-12-22iseq.c (rb_insn_operand_intern): needs parenthesiesnobu
2017-12-22iseq.c: defined insn operandnobu
2017-12-21iseq.c (rb_iseq_code_range): Remove needless `;`yui-knk
2017-12-21add experimental API.ko1
2017-12-20iseq.c: block param namenobu
2017-12-20iseq.c (get_insn_info): use binary search instead of linear searchmame
2017-12-20compile.c: add a RUBY_EVENT_COVERAGE_LINE event for line coveragemame
2017-12-18iseq.c (finish_iseq_build): fix coverage leakage [Bug #14191]mame
2017-12-13iseq.c: dump type of branchiftype on disasmk0kubun
2017-12-11do not disable `trace_` prefix insns.ko1
2017-12-06thread.c (update_line_coverage): Use RUBY_EVENT_LINEmame
2017-12-05iseq.c (iseq_load, iseq_data_to_ary): Fix a type error (for clang)mame
2017-12-05Hide ISeq#loadmame
2017-12-05vm_core.h (rb_iseq_locatoin_t): add a field `code_range`mame
2017-11-27Relax `rb_bug()` condition.ko1
2017-11-21check invariant.ko1
2017-11-18introduce `trace_events' info for iseq.ko1
2017-11-17remove a wrong assertion.ko1