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2007-06-24* vm.c: some refactoring.ko1
2007-06-24* vm.c (callee_setup_arg): added. support correct post arg.ko1
2007-06-10* include/ruby: moved public headers.nobu
2007-06-07* iseq.c (prepare_iseq_build): freeze filename and name string.ko1
2007-05-21* compile.c, vm_macro.def: support tail call optimizationko1
2007-05-17* iseq.c (ruby_iseq_disasm): fix to show post arg info.ko1
2007-05-11* iseq.c (iseq_data_to_ary): internal IDs must not be exposed.nobu
2007-04-19* eval.c, node.h, thread.c, yarvcore.[ch], eval_intern.h:ko1
2007-03-21* compile.c, parse.y, eval.c, intern.h, iseq.c, lex.c, node.h,ko1
2007-03-08* compile.c: iseq_compile -> rb_iseq_compile.aamine
2007-02-25* yarvcore.h: add rb_thread_t#top_wrapper, top_self.ko1
2007-02-25* yarvcore.h:ko1
2007-02-24* parse.y, node.h, compile.c: change node tree structure. a purposeko1
2007-02-23* parse.y, compile.c, gc.c, insns.def, intern.h, iseq.c, node.h,matz
2007-02-07* this commit is a result of refactoring. only renaming functions,ko1
2007-02-06* blockinlining.c, compile.c, compile.h, error.c, eval.c,ko1
2007-02-04* parse.y (rb_compose_ivar2): function to create a new ivar2matz
2007-02-02*, compile.c, compile.h, debug.h, eval.c,nobu
2007-02-02* parse.y (assignable_gen): no need to generate NODE_CVDECL.matz
2007-01-17* some refactoring around yarvcore and proc.ko1
2006-12-31 * Merge YARVko1