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2004-10-14* io.c (MODE_BINMODE, MODE_BINARY): fixed reversed condition.eban
2004-10-09* io.c (rb_io_getline): should not treat char as negative value.nobu
2004-10-07* io.c (io_read): should freeze buffer before thread contextmatz
2004-10-07* pack.c (pack_unpack): string conversion should at the top of thematz
2004-10-06* io.c (rb_io_flags_mode): typo fix.eban
2004-10-06* io.c (rb_io_s_sysopen): preserve path in the buffer allocated bymatz
2004-10-04* io.c (rb_file_open_internal, rb_io_reopen): fname might be alterednobu
2004-10-02* string.c (rb_str_sum): check was done with false pointer.matz
2004-08-19Update for VMS ports.akiyoshi
2004-08-17* io.c (rb_io_reopen): should clear allocated OpenFile. pointedmatz
2004-06-24* io.c (rb_io_fread): return already read data when system call isnobu
2004-06-22* io.c (rb_io_initialize): should check fcntl result. [ruby-dev:23742]nobu
2004-06-04* io.c (rb_io_gets_m): set lastline ($_) even when read line ismatz
2004-05-27* io.c (rb_io_fwrite): check all case errno != 0 [ruby-dev:23648]ocean
2004-05-27* io.c (rb_io_fwrite): workaround for bcc32's fwrite bug.eban
2004-05-26* io.c (rb_io_init_copy): copy also positions. [ruby-talk:100910]nobu
2004-05-07* eval.c (rb_eval): too many line trace call. (ruby-bugs PR#1320)matz
2004-04-18* dln.c, io.c, lib/benchmark.rb, lib/cgi.rb, lib/csv.rb, lib/date.rb,nobu
2004-04-14* array.c, enum.c, eval.c, file.c, io.c, numeric.c, object.c, prec.c,nobu
2004-03-19* io.c (rb_io_sync): need not to check writable. [ruby-core:02674]matz
2004-03-15* eval.c (rb_yield_0): should not re-submit TAG_BREAK if thismatz
2004-03-10* eval.c (return_jump): set return value to the returnmatz
2004-01-26Remove references to defoutdave
2004-01-19* io.c (lineno): typo fix(FIX2INT -> INT2FIX).eban
2004-01-19* io.c, re.c, string.c, time.c: fixed up positions of RDocs.akira
2004-01-15* io.c (argf_read): do not append EOF. (ruby-bugs-ja:PR#585)nobu
2004-01-06* eval.c (rb_mod_modfunc): should break if m has no super class.matz
2004-01-06* io.c (fptr_finalize): should save errno just after failure.nobu
2003-12-30Add RDoc for kernel functions, and tidy updave
2003-12-27Added RDoc for class IOdave
2003-12-26* io.c (next_argv): warn always for stdin on inplace edit mode.matz
2003-12-24* eval.c (catch_timer): do not call rb_thread_schedule() inside tomatz
2003-12-24Forgot to save buffer.... sighdave
2003-12-23* io.c (read_all): do not return nil at the end of file.matz
2003-12-23* io.c (rb_io_ungetc): raise an exception at unread stream tonobu
2003-12-23* pack.c (pack_pack): remove unnecessary negative value check.matz
2003-12-10* io.c (read_all): should return given string even if data read ismatz
2003-12-09io.c (rb_io_check_writable): don't call io_seek if EOF flag is set,akr
2003-12-09* io.c (rb_io_check_readable): Don't clear EOF flag by io_seek.akr
2003-12-06* io.c (flush_before_seek): flush before seek on any platform.eban
2003-12-04* dln.c (aix_loaderror): should not use member named 'errno' whichmatz
2003-12-03* io.c (argf_read): should not terminate on empty string; waitmatz
2003-11-11* io.c (appendline): file may not end with newline. a bug ifmatz
2003-11-06* io.c (rb_io_inspect): show the path also at a closed file.nobu
2003-11-04* io.c (read_all): fptr->f may be NULL, if IO is closed in thematz
2003-10-30* io.c (READ_DATA_BUFFERED): new macro to detect whether stdiomatz
2003-09-05* eval.c (mark_frame_adj): need to adjust argv pointer if usingmatz
2003-08-19* io.c (next_argv): should not call GetOpenFile() if rb_stdout isshugo
2003-08-04* eval.c (method_proc): should specify YIELD_FUNC_SVALUE.matz
2003-08-02* numeric.c (flo_to_s): get rid of buffer overflow.matz