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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-10-27io.c: fix IO.copy_stream on O_APPEND destination on Linuxnormal
2017-10-26common conversion functionsnobu
2017-10-25io.c: let rb_p use writevnobu
2017-10-25io.c: warn old writenobu
2017-10-25io.c: write a newline togethernobu
2017-10-24Update call-seq of ARGF.read_nonblockkazu
2017-10-23Drop to support NaCl platform.hsbt
2017-10-23io.c: fix infinite retrynobu
2017-10-23io.c: fix buffered outputnobu
2017-10-23io.c: fix totalnobu
2017-10-23io.c: no restrictionnobu
2017-10-22Fix indent and comment [ci skip]kazu
2017-10-22io.c: fix local variablesnobu
2017-10-22Make IO#write accept multiple argumentsglass
2017-10-21Add documentation for `chomp` option.hsbt
2017-10-21Clarify the behavior of IO.write without offset in write mode.hsbt
2017-10-21io.c: introduce copy offload to IO.copy_streamglass
2017-10-21[DOC] describe methods used for src and dst argument.akr
2017-10-18Get rid of shadowing local variablesnobu
2017-10-10io.c: encoding of ARGF.inplace_modenobu
2017-10-10io.c: path name conversion at ARGFnobu
2017-10-05io.c: [DOC] about buffering [ci skip]nobu
2017-10-02io.c: check null charnobu
2017-09-28io.c: fix segfault with closing socket on Windowsshirosaki
2017-08-31File#path: Raise IOError when a file is O_TMPFILEsorah
2017-08-31io.c: shrink read buffernobu
2017-07-14io.c: textmode if newline decoratornobu
2017-06-23Revert "Allow IO#reopen to take a block"glass
2017-06-22Allow IO#reopen to take a blockglass
2017-05-31Improve performance of implicit type conversionwatson1978
2017-05-10adjust styles [ci skip]nobu
2017-05-07io.c (do_fcntl): update max FD for F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC, toonormal
2017-05-02nogvl_wait_for_single_fd must wait as its namekosaki
2017-05-01Fix typo in documentation [ci skip]kazu
2017-04-09io.c: ARGF.file returns $stdin instead of STDIN [ci skip]kazu
2017-04-03Fix arguments order of IO#pwritekazu
2017-04-03Add IO#pread and IO#pwrite methodsnobu
2017-03-22io.c: [DOC] expand docs for IO#putsstomar
2017-03-17io.c: improve docsstomar
2017-03-17deduplicate "/", ":" and "\n" stringsnormal
2017-03-15io.c: [DOC] add missing `$`kazu
2017-03-12io.c: [DOC] IO#puts uses IO#writenaruse
2017-03-06io.c: [DOC] open mode can be an integer; fix rdoc syntaxstomar
2017-03-05docs for IO.{write,read}stomar
2017-03-05docs for IO#printstomar
2017-03-03io.c: documentation for putsstomar
2017-02-22eval_error.c: backstrace in reverse ordernobu
2017-02-02io.c: remove rb_ensure usage for rb_str_tmp_frozen_* callsnormal
2017-01-30io.c (rb_io_syswrite): avoid leaving garbage after writenormal
2017-01-30io.c: recycle garbage on writenormal