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2012-04-14merge revision(s) 35296: [Backport #6295]naruse
2012-04-14merge revision(s) 34785,35095,35098,35111,35152: [Backport #6294]naruse
2012-04-07merge revision(s) 35255:naruse
2012-03-06merge revision(s) 33172,33968:nobu
2012-02-25merge revision(s) 34786,34787,34788,34789:naruse
2012-02-25merge revision(s) 34795:naruse
2012-02-22merge revision(s) 34735,34736:nobu
2012-02-13merge revision(s) 34576:nobu
2012-02-10merge revision(s) 34043,34045,34132: [Backport #5791]naruse
2012-02-10merge revision(s) 33937: [Backport #5704]naruse
2012-02-10merge revision(s) 33662,33666,33770: [Backport #5793]naruse
2012-02-09merge revision(s) 34409,34412,34417:naruse
2012-02-09* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2012-02-06merge revision(s) r33826:kosaki
2012-02-06merge revision(s) 33691,33692:naruse
2012-02-06merge revision(s) 33667:usa
2011-12-20* io.c: Improve rdoc for {File|IO}.writemarcandre
2011-11-07* io.c (make_writeconv): unversal_newline converter is for reading.tarui
2011-11-07* io.c (io_fflush): remove fsync().arton
2011-09-07merge revision(s) 33171:kosaki
2011-09-02* io.c (validate_enc_binmode, prep_stdio): default to text mode onnobu
2011-07-30* io.c (rb_io_each_byte): rbuf can be refreshed during yield.nobu
2011-07-23* io.c (rb_update_max_fd): validate fd.akr
2011-07-20* backport r32579, r32581, r32587 by akr and r32588 by kazu.akr
2011-07-09 * io.c: Note that methods other than IO#gets may increase IO#lineno.drbrain
2011-07-08* io.c (rb_io_close): close(2) on a fd which is being read bynobu
2011-07-03* include/ruby/intern.h, thread_pthread.c (rb_reserved_fd_p,ko1
2011-06-29 * math.c: Attach documentation for Math.drbrain
2011-06-18* io.c (fill_cbuf): finish reading at EOF, and the readconv hasnobu
2011-06-18* io.c: supress warnings.akr
2011-06-17* internal.h: declare internal functions here.akr
2011-06-16 * io.c: Improve documentation of IO and File open and new.drbrain
2011-06-12* io.c: use select() appropriately for sendfile().akr
2011-06-11* io.c (io_getc): should be 7bit if ascii. fixes #4557nobu
2011-06-09* io.c: fix IO.copy_stream interrupt handling.akr
2011-06-03* io.c (io_fflush): windows -- call fsync() only when the FD is tied tousa
2011-06-02* io.c (rb_io_s_write, rb_io_s_binwrite): return!!!usa
2011-06-02* io.c: Add File.write, File.binwrite. [Feature #1081] [ruby-core:21701]sorah
2011-06-02* io.c (io_flush, rb_io_flush): need to fsync() when ruby calls internalusa
2011-06-01doco: p outputs newline regardless of record separatorryan
2011-05-31* io.c (io_encoding_set): should honor already set ecflags since itnobu
2011-05-31no space inside parensnobu
2011-05-31* io.c (rb_io_s_pipe): potential bug. the mode of read IO is set asusa
2011-05-27* io.c (fill_cbuf): return MORE_CHAR_SUSPENDED when cbuf is not empty.naruse
2011-05-27* io.c (fill_cbuf): Fix test-all crash.kosaki
2011-05-27* io.c (validate_enc_binmode): do not clear textmode flag ifnobu
2011-05-27* io.c (fill_cbuf): finish reading at EOF.nobu
2011-05-21* io.c (rb_io_extract_modeenc): accept combination hash andkosaki
2011-05-19revert O_CLOEXEC patch series completely.kosaki
2011-05-15* remove trailing spaces.nobu