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2015-07-07* iseq.c, internal.h (rb_iseq_clone): removed because we don't need toko1
2015-07-06* vm_core.h: remove rb_iseq_t::klass to reduce dynamic data.ko1
2015-07-03* method.h: introduce rb_callable_method_entry_t to removeko1
2015-06-24string.c: rb_fstring_cstrnobu
2015-06-24internal.h: rb_fstring_litnobu
2015-06-21internal.h: roomofnobu
2015-06-10* method.h: embed rb_method_entry_t::attr::flags (5 bits) intoko1
2015-06-05* internal.h: move definition of rb_cref_t to method.h.ko1
2015-06-03variable.c: remove generic ivar support for special constantsnormal
2015-06-03* method.h: split rb_method_definition_t::flag to several flags.ko1
2015-06-02* method.h: make rb_method_entry_t a VALUE.ko1
2015-06-01* internal.h: move class related definitions.ko1
2015-05-31* class.c (rb_class_has_methods): added to reduce depenedencyko1
2015-05-30variable.c: avoid compatibility table with generic ivarsnormal
2015-05-29parse.y: check NTH_REF rangenobu
2015-04-09* internal.h (rb_execarg_parent_end): Declared.akr
2015-04-09* internal.h (rb_execarg_parent_start): Renamed from rb_execarg_fixup.akr
2015-04-07* internal.h: fix typo. Patch by @sferik [fix GH-865]hsbt
2015-03-27vm_eval.c: simplify rb_iteratenobu
2015-03-27internal.h: rb_imemo_new_debugnobu
2015-03-19* gc.c, internal.h: export rb_gc_verify_internal_consistency().ko1
2015-03-18* internal.h (IMEMO_DEBUG): added.ko1
2015-03-18hash.c: same hash values with Float#hashnobu
2015-03-12* internal.h, node.h: move a definition of `struct rb_global_entry'ko1
2015-03-11* internal.h: use T_IMEMO to represent `struct MEMO' value.ko1
2015-03-11* node.h: remove NODE_IFUNC, NEW_IFUNC.ko1
2015-03-11* internal.h, eval_intern.h: move CREF accessors.ko1
2015-03-11* vm_insnhelper.h: use T_IMEMO to create THROW_DATA.ko1
2015-03-11* vm_insnhelper.c: use T_IMEMO to create SVAR.ko1
2015-03-11* include/ruby/ruby.h: introduce new type T_IMEMO.ko1
2015-03-11* gc.c: fix memory leak by prepend method.ko1
2015-03-11* internal.h: define struct MEMO.ko1
2015-03-08* internal.h: define rb_cref_t and change to use it.ko1
2015-03-08* internal.h: define CREF accessor macros.ko1
2015-03-05* internal.h: remove struct method_table_wrapper.ko1
2015-02-28variable.c: rb_search_class_pathnobu
2015-02-13util.c: hexdigitnobu
2015-02-06error.c: rb_sys_enc_warningnobu
2015-01-23marshal.c: indetity tablesnobu
2015-01-23hash.c: move Hash specific functionsnobu
2015-01-19class.c: add callback argumentnobu
2014-12-24* hash.c (rb_hash_delete): return Qnil if there are no correspondingko1
2014-12-03encoding.c: load by rb_require_internalnobu
2014-11-26ruby.h: export keyword argument functionsnobu
2014-11-23trivial packing of rb_execarg, load_file_arg, args_infonormal
2014-11-21get rid of inadvertent ID creationnobu
2014-11-19* internal.h (ruby_init_setproctitle): Declare here.akr
2014-11-19Add comments.akr
2014-11-18* internal.h: Gather declarations in non-header files.akr
2014-11-18* debug.c (SET_WHEN): Don't declare debug variables here.akr