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2016-02-15* insns.def (opt_plus): simply use LONG2NUM() instead of wronglynaruse
2016-02-05improve r53741naruse
2016-02-05* insns.def (opt_mult): Use int128_t for overflow detection.naruse
2016-01-10insns.def: description [ci skip]nobu
2016-01-03Move a comment to the appropriate position.yui-knk
2015-12-11insns.def (opt_case_dispatch): avoid converting Infinitynormal
2015-12-08* introduce new ISeq binary format serializer/de-serializerko1
2015-12-08compile optimized case dispatch for nil/true/falsenormal
2015-12-07insns.def (opt_case_dispatch): check Float#=== redefinitionnormal
2015-11-20* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): add debug information to NODE_STRko1
2015-11-13* refactoring CREF related code.ko1
2015-10-29* insns.def (getinlinecache/setinlinecache): compare ic->ic_cref andko1
2015-10-29* insns.def: nobody set ic->ic_value.value to Qundef.ko1
2015-10-22Safe navigation operatornobu
2015-10-01revert r51991nobu
2015-10-01vm_args.c: GC guardnobu
2015-09-29compile.c: fix performance of strconcatnobu
2015-09-19* vm_core.h: split rb_call_info_t into several structs.ko1
2015-09-08* vm_core.h: remove rb_call_info_t::blockiseq.ko1
2015-08-05insns.def: redundant callnobu
2015-07-21* make rb_iseq_t T_IMEMO object (type is imemo_iseq).ko1
2015-07-03* method.h: introduce rb_callable_method_entry_t to removeko1
2015-06-29insns.def: no quotingnobu
2015-06-28insns.def: preserve encodingnobu
2015-06-28insns.def: preserve encodingnobu
2015-06-28insns.def: preserve encodingnobu
2015-06-03* method.h: split rb_method_definition_t::flag to several flags.ko1
2015-06-02* insns.def (defined), vm_insnhelper.c (vm_defined):ko1
2015-06-02* method.h: make rb_method_entry_t a VALUE.ko1
2015-03-08* internal.h: define rb_cref_t and change to use it.ko1
2015-03-06* fix namespace issue on singleton class expressions. [Bug #10943]ko1
2015-02-25insns.def: reversenobu
2015-02-16insns.def: typonobu
2014-11-13insns.def (opt_succ): remove Time#succ optimizationnormal
2014-11-02* rewrite method/block parameter fitting logic to optimizeko1
2014-10-23insns.def: add comments to def/opt_operand.defnormal
2014-09-11iseq_inline_storage_entry: 24=>16 bytes on 64-bitnormal
2014-06-20insns.def: avoid type-punned pointer castnobu
2014-05-26insns.def: fix typonobu
2014-03-11insns.def (opt_regexpmatch2): respect redefined match opnormal
2014-01-25insns.def: adjust stylenobu
2014-01-10insns.def: add opt path for Hash#[] and Hash#[]= used with str literal keystmm1
2013-12-10* insns.def: Fix optimization bug of Float#/ [Bug #9238]marcandre
2013-12-09* compile.c, insns.def, test/ruby/test_rubyvm.rb, vm.c, vm_core.h,charliesome
2013-11-09* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): emit opt_str_freeze if the #freezecharliesome
2013-11-09* insns.def: unify ic_constant_serial and ic_class_serial into one fieldcharliesome
2013-11-09* class.c: unify names of vm state version counters to 'serial'.charliesome
2013-10-29* insns.def, vm.c, vm_insnhelper.c, vm_insnhelper.h, vm_method.c: splitcharliesome
2013-09-26* insns.def (opt_regexpmatch2): Check String#=~ hasn't overriddensorah