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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-11-28* st.c: add st_values() and st_values_check().glass
2013-11-28* st.c (st_keys): fix not to use Qundef in
2013-11-27* st.c (st_keys): fix to use st_index_t for size of
2013-11-27* st.c (st_keys): define st_keys(). it writes each key to
2013-11-27* gc.c (gc_page_sweep): Fix compile warning from last commit.tmm1
2013-11-27* hash.c (hash_aset_str): Use rb_fstring() to de-duplicate hash stringtmm1
2013-11-26should not ignore the rest of recursive constructsnobu
2013-11-26hash.c: cut off if recursionnobu
2013-11-17hash.c: static internal functionsnobu
2013-11-15 * cont.c : Introdule ensure rollback mechanism. Please see below.tarui
2013-11-15revert r43675 and r43683 without tests for applying rollback patch.tarui
2013-11-15hash.c: iteration level with reenteringnobu
2013-11-14hash.c: restore iter_levnobu
2013-11-14hash.c, st.c: fix for ST_CHECKnobu
2013-11-13* hash.c: [DOC] Adds an example for Hash#storezzak
2013-11-11* internal.h: move common string/hash flags to include file.tmm1
2013-10-10st.c: revert st_keysnobu
2013-10-10* st.c (st_keys): define st_keys() for performance improvement ofglass
2013-10-08array.c: use rb_hash_valuesnobu
2013-10-08* array.c (rb_ary_uniq): use rb_hash_keys().glass
2013-10-03* hash.c (env_update): [DOC] fix expected output, should be 0 insteadcharliesome
2013-09-23* hash.c (env_each_pair): do not call rb_assoc_new() ifglass
2013-09-13hash.c: utility functions from ruby_setenvnobu
2013-08-18* error.c, file.c, gc.c, hash.c, thread.c, variable.c, vm_eval.c, bin/erb:ktsj
2013-08-14* hash.c (rb_hash_aset): [DOC] Document key dup patch by @kachickzzak
2013-07-29* hash.c (rb_hash_compare_by_id): add function
2013-07-29* hash.c (rb_hash_compare_by_id): don't call rb_hash_rehash()glass
2013-07-29* hash.c (rb_hash_assoc): performance improvement by replacingglass
2013-07-29* hash.c (rb_hash_assoc): revert r42224. table->type->compare isglass
2013-07-29ChangeLog: commit missnobu
2013-07-29* hash.c (rb_hash_assoc): performance improvement by replacingglass
2013-07-20* hash.c (rb_hash_flatten): use NUM2INT to raise TypeError on 32bitnaruse
2013-07-18* hash.c (rb_hash_flatten): performance improvement by not usingglass
2013-07-17* hash.c (delete_if_i): use
2013-07-17* hash.c (rb_hash_replace): performance improvement by usingglass
2013-07-17hash.c: key name in error messagenobu
2013-07-15* hash.c (rb_hash_each_pair): performance improvement by usingglass
2013-07-12* hash.c (rb_hash_reject_bang): do not call rb_hash_foreach() if RHashglass
2013-07-12* hash.c (recursive_hash): use RHASH_SIZE() to check hash
2013-07-11* hash.c (rb_hash_size): use RHASH_SIZE().glass
2013-07-11* hash.c (rb_hash_values): set array capa to RHASH_SIZE().glass
2013-07-11* hash.c (rb_hash_keys): set array capa to RHASH_SIZE().glass
2013-06-26intern.h: define rb_enumerator_size_funcnobu
2013-06-24* compile.c (make_name_for_block): use PRIsVALUE in format stringcharliesome
2013-06-22* include/ruby/ruby.h, gc.c: rename macros and functions:ko1
2013-06-21* include/ruby/ruby.h (OBJ_WRITE): cast to (VALUE *) for secondko1
2013-06-21hash.c: refine error messagenobu
2013-06-18* hash.c: `st_update()' also has same issue of last fix.ko1
2013-06-12* safe.c (rb_set_safe_level, safe_setter): raise an ArgumentErrorshugo
2013-06-11* bignum.c (validate_integer_pack_format): Don't require a word orderakr