path: root/hash.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-01-01* hash.c (rb_hash_keys): make rb_hash_keys()
2013-12-26hash.c: remove dead codenobu
2013-12-26hash.c: no extra states copynobu
2013-12-24hash.c: extra statesnobu
2013-12-23hash.c: fix infinite loopnobu
2013-12-23hash.c: fix commit missnobu
2013-12-23hash.c: reduce warningnobu
2013-12-23hash.c: rewordnobu
2013-12-20* include/ruby/ruby.h: rename OBJ_WRITE and OBJ_WRITTEN intoko1
2013-12-17hash.c: revertnobu
2013-12-17hash.c: add warningsnobu
2013-12-16hash.c: typonobu
2013-12-16hash.c: warnings in rb_hash_rejectnobu
2013-12-16hash.c: refactor loopnobu
2013-12-11hash.c: reject should return a plain hashnobu
2013-12-10array.c, hash.c: add saltnobu
2013-12-09hash.c: fix segv in Hash#replacetmm1
2013-12-08hash.c: reject shoult infectnobu
2013-12-08hash.c: fix WB miss issue in Hash#replacetmm1
2013-12-08hash.c: revert r43870 and add alternative parser patch for literal keystmm1
2013-12-07hash.c: rb_hash_reject without dupnobu
2013-12-05hash.c: bail out to the outermost framenobu
2013-12-03hash.c: same hash value for similar constructsnobu
2013-12-03hash.c: detect recursion for allnobu
2013-12-03* array.c (rb_hash_rehash): use hash_alloc() instead of rb_hash_new().glass
2013-12-03* hash.c (w32_getenv): should be static.nobu
2013-12-02* hash.c (getenv): fixed test failures introduced by r43950.usa
2013-12-02* hash.c (rb_hash_rehash): make temporary st_table under the controlglass
2013-12-01* hash.c (getenv): use ANSI codepage version of getenv() for minirubyusa
2013-12-01* hash.c (rb_hash_to_a): specify array
2013-12-01* hash.c (rb_hash_rehash): fix to free new st_table when exceptionglass
2013-11-28* st.c: add st_values() and st_values_check().glass
2013-11-28* st.c (st_keys): fix not to use Qundef in
2013-11-27* st.c (st_keys): fix to use st_index_t for size of
2013-11-27* st.c (st_keys): define st_keys(). it writes each key to
2013-11-27* gc.c (gc_page_sweep): Fix compile warning from last commit.tmm1
2013-11-27* hash.c (hash_aset_str): Use rb_fstring() to de-duplicate hash stringtmm1
2013-11-26should not ignore the rest of recursive constructsnobu
2013-11-26hash.c: cut off if recursionnobu
2013-11-17hash.c: static internal functionsnobu
2013-11-15 * cont.c : Introdule ensure rollback mechanism. Please see below.tarui
2013-11-15revert r43675 and r43683 without tests for applying rollback patch.tarui
2013-11-15hash.c: iteration level with reenteringnobu
2013-11-14hash.c: restore iter_levnobu
2013-11-14hash.c, st.c: fix for ST_CHECKnobu
2013-11-13* hash.c: [DOC] Adds an example for Hash#storezzak
2013-11-11* internal.h: move common string/hash flags to include file.tmm1
2013-10-10st.c: revert st_keysnobu
2013-10-10* st.c (st_keys): define st_keys() for performance improvement ofglass
2013-10-08array.c: use rb_hash_valuesnobu