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2017-04-22adjust indentnobu
2017-04-21insert WB correctly.ko1
2017-04-21mark created frozen strings.ko1
2017-04-21typo fix (sorry!)shyouhei
2017-04-21refactor hash literalshyouhei
2017-03-01hash.c: [DOC] fix book title in examplestomar
2017-02-27Fix doc for Hash#dig and Struct#digstomar
2017-02-21backward.h: 2.2 deprecated featuresnobu
2017-01-22Hash#fetch: fix grammar in documentation.kazu
2017-01-19ENV#fetch: fix documentation of raised exceptionnobu
2017-01-07fix optimization for hash aset/aref with fstringeregon
2016-12-24hash.c: split long long literalsnobu
2016-12-10Updated documentation examples for Hash#value?naruse
2016-12-07hash.c: hash should be longnobu
2016-12-06switching hash removalnobu
2016-12-06remove unnecessary variablenobu
2016-12-03Cleanup ruby method definitions in hash.ckazu
2016-11-07add castnobu
2016-11-07 Introduce table improvement by Vladimir Makarov <>.ko1
2016-10-26[DOC] replace Fixnum with Integer [ci skip]nobu
2016-10-22hash.c: fix Hash#compact! return valuenobu
2016-10-13hash.c: add compact and compact! methodsnobu
2016-10-04* internal.h (ST2FIX): new macro to convert st_index_t to Fixnum.usa
2016-09-16* hash.c (each_pair_i_fast): Fix compile error with old version ofngoto
2016-09-13* hash.c (each_pair_i_fast): use rb_yield_values2 to avoid var args.naruse
2016-09-08replace fixnum by integer in documents.akr
2016-09-08hash.c: map_v -> transform_valuesmrkn
2016-09-07util.h: POSIX-noncompliant setenvnobu
2016-08-09hash.c: implement Hash#map_v and Hash#map_v!mrkn
2016-08-05hash.c: env_name_newnobu
2016-08-05* hasn.c (env_str_new): taint the string. get rid of a test failureusa
2016-08-05hash.c: call w32_getenv pointernobu
2016-08-04hash.c: set encodingnobu
2016-07-20hash.c: rb_hash_add_new_elementnobu
2016-06-10hash.c: ensure NUL-terminated for ENVnobu
2016-05-01* cont.c, hash.c, random.c, win32/win32.c: cleanup some Win9x/ME/NT4usa
2016-04-28hash.c: dry up codenobu
2016-03-30hash.c: init table with sizenobu
2016-03-18* bignum.c (rb_big_hash): make it public function to be available inmrkn
2016-03-09hash.c: COPY_DEFAULTnobu
2016-03-09hash.c: SET_PROC_DEFAULTnobu
2016-03-09hash.c: SET_DEFAULTnobu
2016-03-09hash.c: hash_dup for rb_hash_to_hnobu
2016-03-09hash.c: make duplicated hash WB protectednobu
2016-03-09hash.c: tbl_update_funcnobu
2016-02-13* hash.c (rb_hash_invert): [DOC] more examples.akr
2016-01-27hash.c: exception examplesnobu
2016-01-14hash.c: trivial optimizationnobu
2015-12-15* gc.c: Delete excess semicolon after RUBY_ALIAS_FUNCTION().ngoto