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2015-11-09* gems/bundled_gems: update to power_assert 0.2.6.ktsj
2015-11-09* gems/bundled_gems: Upgrade the did_you_mean gem to 1.0.0.beta3yuki
2015-10-30* gems/bundled_gems: update to power_assert 0.2.5.ktsj
2015-10-30* gems/bundled_gems: update latest gems.hsbt
2015-09-25* gems/bundled_gems: upgrade to minitest-5.8.1hsbt
2015-09-08gems/bundled_gems: Upgrade the did_you_mean gem to 1.0.0.beta2yuki
2015-09-08* gems/bundled_gems: revert because ruby trunk never be able to installusa
2015-09-08gems/bundled_gems: Automatically install the did_you_mean gem as a bunlded gem.yuki
2015-08-16* gems/bundled_gems: update latest version of bundled gems.hsbt
2015-07-26* gems/bundled_gems: update latest version of bundled power-assert.hsbt
2015-06-02* gem/bundled_gems: updated to test-unit 3.1.1 and minitest 5.7.0.usa
2015-05-21* lib/net/telnet.rb: gemify net-telnet.hsbt
2015-05-11* gems/bundled_gems: Update minite-5.6.1 and power_assert-0.2.3.hsbt
2015-04-12* ext/json/*, test/json/*: Reverted r50231. Because it's not works withhsbt
2015-04-11* ext/json/*, test/json/*, defs/default_gems: Gemify JSON library.hsbt
2015-04-04* lib/rake/*: Gemify rake [fix GH-862][Feature #11025]hsbt
2015-01-12* gems/bundled_gems: update test-unit to 3.0.9.usa
2014-12-12* gems/bundled_gems: Upgrade to test-unit 3.0.8. assert_throw andkou
2014-11-24* gems/bundled_gems: Update to 3.0.7.kou
2014-11-23* gems/bundled_gems: upgraded to power_assert 0.2.2.ktsj
2014-11-12* gems/bundled_gems: Update to test-unit 3.0.6 and minitest 5.4.3.hsbt
2014-11-09* gems/bundled_gems: upgraded to test-unit 3.0.5.hsbt
2014-11-09* gems/bundled_gems: upgraded to power_assert 0.2.0.ktsj
2014-10-29* gems/bundled_gems: Update latest version of bundled gems.hsbt
2014-09-27* gems/bundled_gems: upgraded to power_assert 0.1.4.ktsj
2014-09-12* gems/bundled_gems: Upgraded to test-unit-3.0.1 and minitest-5.4.1hsbt
2014-08-05* gems/bundled_gems: Upgrade to test-unit-3.0.0 and minitest-5.4.0.hsbt
2014-06-24* tool/make-snapshot: download bundle gems when package making.hsbt