path: root/gem_prelude.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-30Do not call 'gem "did_you_mean"' for nowYuki Nishijima
2016-02-25Reduce system calls by activating the `did_you_mean` gem.tenderlove
2015-09-09* ruby.c (usage, enable_option, disable_option, process_options): newusa
2011-01-17* ruby.c (process_options): revert r30549.nobu
2011-01-15* ruby.c (process_options): autoload rubygems.nobu
2011-01-15* ruby.c (ruby_init_prelude): get rid of global namespacenobu
2011-01-14Reduced gem_prelude to just require rubygems. Reviewed by Evan Phoenixryan
2010-08-16Tue Aug 17 07:38:43 2010 Nobuyoshi Nakada <>nobu
2010-08-08* gem_prelude.rb, lib/rubygems.rb (Gem.suffixes): return truelynobu
2010-07-21Load gems properly. Fixes [ruby-core:31377]evan
2010-07-20Pull rubygem's custom require into gem_preludeevan
2010-07-07* gem_prelude.rb: provide workaround for gem activation. Currently,mame
2010-06-10Revert r28200.naruse
2010-06-07* gem_prelude.rb: load full rubygems at LoadError for activationnobu
2010-04-23* gem_prelude.rb (Gem::QuickLoader.load_full_rubygems_library):nobu
2010-04-23* gem_prelude.rb (Gem::QuickLoader.load_full_rubygems_library):nobu
2010-03-12* ruby.c (ruby_init_loadpath_safe): mark initial load paths.nobu
2009-12-30* gem_prelude.rb (push_all_highest_version_gems_on_load_path):nobu
2009-12-19* gem_prelude.rb (Kernel#gem): should make gem private. a patchmatz
2009-11-26* gem_prelude.rb (Gem.set_home): must dup before force_encodingnaruse
2009-11-05* gem_prelude.rb (Gem.user_home): force_encoding(naruse
2009-10-28* encoding.c (get_filesystem_encoding): removed.naruse
2009-10-28* gem_prelude.rb (Gem.set_home):naruse
2009-07-30* gem_prelude.rb (Gem.path): uses Gem.default_path as a default valueyugui
2009-07-30* tool/compile_prelude.rb: replaces "require" with in-place evaluationyugui
2009-07-15* ext/purelib.rb: translates a fake path to rubygems in $" intoyugui
2009-06-28* gem_prelude.c (Gem.default_dir): follows the change on yugui
2009-06-09Update to RubyGems 1.3.4 r2223drbrain
2009-05-21* gem_prelude.rb (Gem.default_dir and misc.): use rubylibprefix.yugui
2009-04-19* gem_prelude.rb (Gem::QuickLoader#push_gem_version_on_load_path):nobu
2008-12-23Match full RubyGems behavior when a gem can't be founddrbrain
2008-12-22Don't remove methods twice. [bug#555]drbrain
2008-12-12* encoding.c (enc_get_default_encoding): removed.yugui
2008-10-31Don't require rubygems/defaults from gem_prelude.rb.drbrain
2008-10-28merged r19975 and r19978 from ruby_1_9_1 into trunk.yugui
2008-10-26* gem_prelude.rb: disables debug and verbose flags to suppress failurenobu
2008-10-25Update to RubyGems 1.3.1 r1909.drbrain
2008-06-17Fix RubyGems for 1.9, r1780drbrain
2008-05-12* ruby.c (ruby_init_gems), gem_prelude.rb: check if Gem is definednobu
2008-05-12* gem_prelude.rb (load_full_rubygems_library, const_missing): preventnobu
2008-03-31Import RubyGems 1.1.0drbrain
2008-02-10Import RubyGems r1601. [ruby-core:15381].drbrain
2007-12-24Remove methods from Gem, not QuickLoader, to fix warningsdrbrain
2007-12-23Use require to load rubygems.rb in gem_prelude.rb so the correct path is in ...drbrain
2007-12-22Place bin dir before lib dir so gem bin stubs work.drbrain
2007-12-20Import RubyGems 1.0.0, r1575drbrain
2007-11-25Import fast-loading gem_prelude.rb from RubyGems.drbrain
2007-11-10* gem_prelude.rb: new file for gem libraries. currently empty.akr