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2011-02-11* eval.c (ruby_cleanup): use rb_ary_free to free internal object.nobu
2011-01-18* gc.h: parenthesize macro arguments.akr
2010-08-14* gc.h (rb_objspace_each_objects): used in objspace.nobu
2010-05-08* cont.c (stackgrowdirection): removed duplicated code, usenobu
2010-04-14* gc.c (GET_STACK_BOUNDS): fixed macro argument names. a patch fromnobu
2009-10-27* gc.h (SET_MACHINE_STACK_END): use __i386.akr
2009-10-27* gc.h (SET_MACHINE_STACK_END): use __i386__ instead of __i386,nobu
2009-10-27* gc.c (SET_MACHINE_STACK_END): add x86_64 version by nobu.naruse
2009-10-16* gc.h (rb_gc_debug_body): constified.nobu
2008-06-14* gc.h (STACK_UPPER): moved from gc.cnobu
2007-12-21* gc.h: extern variable should not be initialized.ko1
2007-11-20* gc.h, vm_core.h: decl of rb_gc_save_machine_context()ko1
2007-07-14* add --enable-valgrind.akr
2007-06-25* gc.h: add RUBY_ prefix to debug macros.ko1
2007-06-24* removed.ko1
2007-02-05* eval_thread.c, remove eval_thread.c.ko1
2006-12-31 * Merge YARVko1