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2003-07-25* ext/socket/socket.c (tcp_s_gethostbyname): was usingmatz
2003-07-24* gcc -Wall clean-up.matz
2003-07-24* gc.c (run_final): backout unnecessary modifies.matz
2003-07-24* eval.c (thgroup_add): no warning for terminated threads.matz
2003-07-17* eval.c (rb_clear_cache_by_class): check both klass and origin.matz
2003-07-17* eval.c (ruby_init): set ruby_running to true aftermatz
2003-07-07* eval.c (rb_call_super): k->super maybe NULL if klass is Kernel.matz
2003-06-28* (rb_cv_stack_grow_dir): check stack growing direction.nobu
2003-06-16* eval.c (proc_alloc): re-unification of Block and Proc. Blockmatz
2003-06-07* parse.y (value_expr0): class and module statements should not bematz
2003-06-06* gc.c (define_final): eliminate rb_f_lambda() call.matz
2003-05-22* gc.c (run_final): use rb_thread_critical instead of DEFER_INTS.matz
2003-05-21* error.c (syserr_initialize): prohibit specifying errno formatz
2003-05-08* gc.c (rb_gc): check odd alignment stack on m68k machines.matz
2003-04-25* gc.c: STACK_LEVEL_MAX=65535 on mswince.uema2
2003-04-21* gc.c (rb_gc): use rb_gc_mark_maybe() to mark registered Cmatz
2003-04-09* gc.c (rb_gc_mark_children): introduce this function again; thismatz
2003-04-09* bignum.c (BIGZEROP): macro to determine if x is a bignum zero.matz
2003-03-26* eval.c (avalue_splat): new function to do unary * (splat)matz
2003-03-23* gc.c (rb_gc_call_finalizer_at_exit): use free() if dfree is -1.nobu
2003-02-27* string.c (str_new): need no MEMZERO().matz
2003-02-21* gc.c (rb_gc_mark): inline rb_gc_mark_children().matz
2003-02-20* parse.y (clhs): allow "Foo::Bar = x".matz
2003-02-19* node.h (nd_cpath): nested class/module declaration.nobu
2003-01-31* variable.c (rb_obj_classname): new function.matz
2003-01-16-Wall cleanups (removed unused vars, no 'code has no effect' warnings)michal
2003-01-16Updated Copyrights of Matz to 2003.michal
2003-01-06* st.h, st.c: Introduce new conventional typedef's, st_data_t,knu
2003-01-04* defines.h (FLUSH_REGISTER_WINDOWS): Make the flushw call anknu
2002-12-31* gc.c (rb_gc_mark_frame): should mark frame->node.matz
2002-12-29* gc.c (gc_sweep): adjust GC trigger.nobu
2002-12-04* object.c (copy_object): copy finalizers as well if any.matz
2002-10-29* eval.c, file.c, gc.c, io.c, object.c, ruby.c, ruby.h, struct.c,knu
2002-10-25* eval.c, gc.c: adopt a common set of alloca() #ifdef's. Thisknu
2002-10-17* object.c (rb_str_to_dbl): RString ptr might be NULL.matz
2002-10-10rename malloc_memories to malloc_increase. [ruby-cvs:05237]nobu
2002-10-10use BUITIN_TYPE() rather than TYPE().nobu
2002-10-10* gc.c (ruby_xmalloc, ruby_xrealloc): restrict total allocationnobu
2002-10-09* gc.c (gc_sweep): also adjust heaps_limits when free unused heapnobu
2002-10-03* gc.c (Init_stack): prefer address of argument rather than localnobu
2002-10-02* commit miss; and tcltklib fix too.matz
2002-09-06* gc.c (ruby_xmalloc): remove MALLOC_LIMIT to avoid frequentmatz
2002-09-05* gc.c (gc_sweep): should mark parser.aamine
2002-09-04Opt for Array in rb_gc_mark_children() (ruby-core:410)michal
2002-09-02* gc.c (gc_sweep): does reclaim nodes in also compile time, if we can.aamine
2002-08-29* array.c (rb_ary_become): should not free ptr if it's shared.matz
2002-08-28Int vs Long cleanup #3 (ruby-core:352)michal
2002-08-21*.c: Int vs Long cleanupmichal
2002-08-12* bignum.c (rb_big_cmp): use dbl2big() for Floats, instead ofmatz
2002-07-26* random.c: replace with Mersenne Twister RNG.matz