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2012-02-22merge revision(s) 34719,34720: [Backport #6059]naruse
2012-02-15merge revision(s) 34629,34630:naruse
2012-02-15merge revision(s) 34261,34351:nobu
2012-02-14merge revision(s) 33500,33501:usa
2012-02-07merge revision(s) 34250:ayumin
2011-10-09merges r33379 and r33395 from trunk into ruby_1_9_3.yugui
2011-10-08merge revision(s) 33379:kosaki
2011-10-08merge revision(s) 33368:kosaki
2011-08-12* backport r32894 from trunk.nari
2011-08-11merge revision(s) 32821:kosaki
2011-08-11* backport r32815 from trunk.kosaki
2011-07-28* backport r32669 from trunk.mame
2011-07-08 * gc.c: Improve documentationdrbrain
2011-07-07* gc.c: change water_mark value value that may callnari
2011-06-17* internal.h: declare internal functions here.akr
2011-06-16* thread.c (rb_thread_schedule_rec): fix {UN,}LIKELY macro misuse.kosaki
2011-06-15* gc.c: fix a regression by r31690 on AIX because AIX mallockosaki
2011-06-14* gc.c (rb_gc_set_params): call initial_expand_heap ifnari
2011-06-14* gc.c: use size_t.nari
2011-06-12* atomic.h (ATOMIC_OR): _InterlockedOr is not available on migw.nobu
2011-06-11* gc.c: expand heap if initial_heap_min_slots is bigger thannari
2011-06-09* gc.c: remove an unused declaration.nagachika
2011-06-09* gc.c (rb_objspace_call_finalizer): use rb_typeddata_is_kind_of() fornagachika
2011-05-22* gc.c (vm_xcalloc): use calloc provided by platforms.nobu
2011-05-20* gc.c: Fix build on m68k by 'error: too few arguments toiwamatsu
2011-05-18* internal.h: add for internal use only.nobu
2011-03-07* gc.c (rb_objspace): an initializer must be a constant.naruse
2011-03-07* gc.c (rb_gc_set_params): allow GC parameter configuration bymatz
2011-01-12* vm.c (thread_free): reset ruby_current_thread if it points theakr
2010-12-22* gc.c (Init_GC): move back object_id to Kernel. [ruby-dev:42840]matz
2010-12-17* gc.c (Init_GC): move #__id__ and #object_id to BasicObject.matz
2010-12-14* gc.c: parenthesize macro arguments.akr
2010-12-03* gc.c (rb_objspace_free): With our "lazy-sweep" GC engine, it isshyouhei
2010-11-15* gc.c (assign_heap_slot): fix fear of memory leak and memorymame
2010-11-09* gc.c (after_gc_sweep): remove unused variable.nobu
2010-11-04* gc.c (rb_newobj): force garbage_collect() if GC.stress == true.ko1
2010-11-04* gc.c (run_final): do not need argument obj.ko1
2010-11-04* gc.c (run_final): do not need argument obj.ko1
2010-11-04* gc.c (before_gc_sweep): fix commit miss.ko1
2010-11-04* gc.c (after_gc_sweep, before_gc_sweep):ko1
2010-11-04* gc.c (after_gc_sweep, slot_sweep): finalizers should be invokedko1
2010-11-03* gc.c, vm.c, vm_core.h: remove USE_VALUE_CACHE option.ko1
2010-10-31* gc.c (finalizer_table, objspace->final.table):ko1
2010-10-31* gc.c (rb_objspace_free): finalizers should be called separatelynobu
2010-10-28* gc.c (before_gc_sweep, run_final): fix decrement timing of final_num.ko1
2010-10-27* gc.c (GC.stat): added. [ruby-dev:38607]ko1
2010-10-26* class.c, constant.h, gc.c, method.h, object.c, variable.c,mame
2010-10-26* class.c, gc.c, object.c, variable.c, vm_insnhelper.c,mame
2010-10-24* array.c, gc.c, hash.c, object.c, string.c, struct.c,nobu
2010-10-21* gc.c (gc_lazy_sweep): Variable declarations should be atko1