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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2005-09-28* file.c (apply2files): add prototype.nobu
2005-09-20* file.c (fpath_check): typo fixed.matz
2005-09-20* file.c (path_check_0): disallow sticky world writable directorymatz
2005-09-19* file.c (rb_file_chown): should accept nil. [ruby-dev:27171] (backport from ...aamine
2005-09-18* file.c (rb_thread_flock): wrap the flock system call byakr
2005-09-16* file.c (file_inspect_join): commit miss, applied a patch for old trunk.nobu
2005-09-16* file.c (file_inspect_join): missing argument declaration.nobu
2005-09-16* file.c (rb_file_s_extname): empty string for path name ending with anobu
2005-04-11* dir.c, file.c (lstat): avoid warnings for mingw.eban
2005-03-02typo fixakr
2004-12-18* dir.c (dir_open_dir): new function. [ruby-dev:25242]matz
2004-11-22* file.c (rb_file_chown): [ruby-dev:24949]matz
2004-11-22* file.c (rb_file_chown): integer conversion should be prior tomatz
2004-10-29* io.c (rb_io_check_initialized): new function to check uninitializednobu
2004-10-23* eval.c (rb_load, search_required, rb_require_safe, rb_require): usenobu
2004-10-17* file.c (rb_file_truncate): discard read buffer before truncation.nobu
2004-10-02* string.c (rb_str_sum): check was done with false pointer.matz
2004-09-18* array.c (rb_ary_equal): element size might change duringmatz
2004-07-17* eval.c (THREAD_ALLOC): th->thread should be initialized to NULL.matz
2004-04-14* array.c, enum.c, eval.c, file.c, io.c, numeric.c, object.c, prec.c,nobu
2004-04-05* eval.c (top_include): include in the wrapped load is done formatz
2004-02-03* file.c (test_l): fix wrong method name in document.akr
2003-12-24* stable version 1.8.1 released.matz
2003-12-21Add file.c comments (and necessary support in parse_c.rb)dave
2003-12-15* file.c: renamed and externalized rb_path_next,nobu
2003-12-15* dir.c (check_dirname): check string safety and remove extraneousnobu
2003-12-11* (ieeefp.h), numeric.c: needed for finite() onnobu
2003-11-28* gc.c (gc_mark): explicitly check mark recursion levels, insteadmatz
2003-11-22* gc.c (Init_stack): stack region is far smaller than usual ifmatz
2003-11-04* io.c (read_all): fptr->f may be NULL, if IO is closed in thematz
2003-10-24* hash.c (rb_hash_each): Hash#each should yield single value.matz
2003-10-21* eval.c (ruby_cleanup): call finalizers and exit procs beforematz
2003-08-23* file.c (rb_file_s_expand_path): avoid calling rb_scan_args() formatz
2003-08-23BUFCHECK() doesn't update p/pend in loop.nobu
2003-08-23* file.c (file_expand_path): performance improvement.nobu
2003-08-15* (HUGE_ST_INO): check whether struct stat.st_inonobu
2003-07-30* (os2-emx): renamed from os2_emx, add flags tonobu
2003-07-28* file.c (Init_File): IO should include File::Const.nobu
2003-07-25* ext/socket/socket.c (tcp_s_gethostbyname): was usingmatz
2003-07-24* gcc -Wall clean-up.matz
2003-07-23* file.c (DOSISH): better Cygwin support.eban
2003-07-23* string.c (rb_str_lstrip_bang): strip NUL along with whitematz
2003-07-20* string.c: use StringValueCStr to retrieve paths to system calls.matz
2003-06-23* string.c (rb_str_upto): generate sequence according to "succ"matz
2003-06-20* parse.y (new_yield): distinguish "yield 1,2" and "yield [1,2]".matz
2003-05-19* object.c (init_copy): rename copy_object as initialize_copy,matz
2003-05-01* regex.c (re_match_exec): $ _always_ matches at the end of string.matz
2003-04-14* file.c (file_expand_path): root must follow buf whennobu
2003-04-14* rubyio.h (struct OpenFile): add error raise flag to finalizer.matz
2003-04-11* file.c (rb_stat): dereference using StringValuePtr().matz